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Jedis in love By: Dustin Ho (New version) (Pt 1) by greyjedidustin_
Jedis in love By: Dustin Ho (New greyjedidustin_
This is the new version of my first story, The story of two Jedi. This is a story during the clone wars. Two Jedi, a master and his Padawan fell in love. Will they survi...
Love Lost  by CarlyandDaquahn
Love Lost by Carly Hoskins
A love story between a teenage boy and teenage girl. He was 15 and recently moved to a new school. A week later a new she came into his class, she seemed older. But she...
Leap Year:366 vol. 1 by KiddLucky
Leap Year:366 vol. 1by KiddLucky
Words are given meaning, when used by man So this book contains words meant to express love, care, hatred compliment etc. Sit back and enjoy the journey into the leap...
manhattan | peter parker by friessssssssss
manhattan | peter parkerby ☃︎⌈𝐟 𝐫 𝐢 𝐞 𝐬⌋☃︎
⤻ "I can't lose you." "If you keep pushing me away, you're going to." ⤻ "Oh, God- Spidey?" "I'm here." "Don't scare me like...
Toxic Love by GG_Malfoy
Toxic Loveby Gia Malfoy
"This is called love, darling" The blonde boy said stroking my cheek "no, this is toxic" i corrected "Its Toxic Love" ~~~ 15 year old Gia R...
The Trials of Deliverance - Aflunnge anFraeln by Ruvarian_Myriadis
The Trials of Deliverance -
When the disgraced prince of Nidaeham finds himself marooned on a continent no one has set foot on in over four hundred years, he must find himself a way back to Tevirmo...
Young Love (Patri Guijarro x OC) by JaureGayLover
Young Love (Patri Guijarro x OC)by AmericanDreamer
Julie Simon is a French talented player of FC Barcelona. Follow her journey in the Catalan club and mainly how she will find love with another rising star. Patri Guijar...
A Second Chance. Tails X Cosmo by Liam12504
A Second Chance. Tails X Cosmoby Just a fan of ships
It has been 6 months since Cosmo's death. Tails is absolutely miserable and misses her terribly Sonic watching all this can't help but feel guilty that there's nothing h...
Dibrani by Acosmist_R
Dibraniby -
Dy jete te ndryshme, dy personalitete te ndryshme perplasen se bashku ne nje martese fallco. Jeta na perplas me njerez qe nuk e imagjinonim dot dhe na meson qe ti duam a...
Home Sweet Home by ElizavetaBlackmore
Home Sweet Homeby lizzie
BOOK 1/3 After the age of the Avengers, Viviana Taylor Reid is now part of the new generation of heroes. She becomes the spider-girl of San Francisco, who goes by her se...
Just Friends?  by SkeletonBoyo
Just Friends? by Skeleton Boy
Elana and Stefan are great together, however what happens when Elena moves in with her boyfriend and slowly falls hard for his brother Damen? To Stefan Damen and Elana...
Just a Word (Christian quotes) by Victory_Oluchi
Just a Word (Christian quotes)by Victory D.O Nwakobu
Just a Word is the name of my page on Instagram. It shares quotes based on christian lifestyle, love, relationships, encouragement, determination etc... The kind of word...
Mha Bf Scenarios  by Victortwinsshow
Mha Bf Scenarios by solanaanoaʻi
This is my first mha scenarios so it might not be the best and I will try
Buruk kalpler cehennemine bir mektup by batusis123
Buruk kalpler cehennemine bir Aytek yıldız
Kalbimden geçenleri, içimden geçtiği gibi yazıyorum sadece. Bilmen gereken başka bir şey yok. Bu platformu bilmiyorum. Devam edebilirsem, edeceğim.
"Frika e Vetmise" by mmeegg_d
"Frika e Vetmise"by mmeegg
Eshte nje histori sa e bukur aq edhe e dhimbshme , behet fjale per historine e nje djali te cilit ju desh te perballej me kthetrat e jetes , edhe pse ne moshe te vogel...
The Great Queen by ScarlettLodi
The Great Queenby Scarlett
It's fantasy and Mafia It's my first And so please co-operate And there will be two parts in a day or sometime three Because I love to write Tell me if you want any i...
She-devil by DestinyCromartie0
She-devilby Destiny Cromartie
Rose was kidnapped by the russian mafia at 8 years old. Rose is now the leader of the most powerful mafia. she is number 1 hacker and Assassin. Rose is 17 now and has a...
Dark Skies: The Blue Moon by Sasha_Nichol
Dark Skies: The Blue Moonby Sasha_Nichol
Once she returned home after 5 years, Cambry learned that the only opinion that she needs to worry about was her own. After being controlled for years, she's finally pu...
¿Dnf & Other Oneshots?// DESC. by ThisisAshStill
¿Dnf & Other Oneshots?// •Ash•
Basically Dsmp Things and ships and angsty stuff Tw? Angst (probs) ¿¿¿Smut??? Fluff(might be) Don't come at me for how I write</3 I'm just a person that is trying to ...
Sanskar Maheshwari, a famous industrialist in kolkata known for his egoistic behavior feels an inexplainable attraction towards his employee who is working in his compan...