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True Friends by -Marsh_Mallow-
True Friendsby Marshmallow
4 years after Lila threatens Marinette, what she says comes true. The class turns on Marinette, and bullies her because she "bullies" Lila. Adrien is no help s...
Lukanette Soulmates AU by llailac
Lukanette Soulmates AUby Lailac<3
1st Place in Lukanette: 3/22/21 1st Place in Adrigami: 12/7/23 1st Place in LukaCoufaine: 4/26/21 (Subtle difference) 3rd Place in LukaCouffaine: 4/7/21 5th Place in Adr...
No More Secrets by Dweller_4
No More Secretsby Dweller
This story takes place after the episode Love Eater. ꧁♔꧂ After Marinette confesses everything about herself to Luka, she finds herself falling in love with him all over...
Fixing The Broken Melody | Lukanette by wooeaoyeayea
Fixing The Broken Melody | mina
Marinette doesn't know what to do now. Lila kept true to her promise, to turn everyone against Marinette. Marinette never felt more betrayed and hurt. Only having a few...
Enough!! Sausages Hair! (complete)  by darkaqua2704
Enough!! Sausages Hair! (complete) by darkaqua2704
Well it all goes like usual marinette getting aboanded by her friends because of sausages hair fanfiction /stories .......... But this one is with a bit of twist. Read t...
Miraculous Salt One-Shots by -Marsh_Mallow-
Miraculous Salt One-Shotsby Marshmallow
Just a bunch of salty one shots for all those who love a bit of salt in Miraculous
Heartstring ✅ by Miraculous_786
Heartstring ✅by Miraculous_786
After Lila turns all of her classmates against her, Marinette finds herself comforted by none other than Luka, with his words and music. His anger on Marinette's behalf...
Protecting your love (Lukanette story) (Completed) by Mesha4200
Protecting your love (Lukanette Jamesha Bostick
Marinette confess her feelings to Adrien, but he rejected them. What would happen if Luka stepped in and Adrien changed his mind about Marinette? This is about love, hat...
Miraculous Salty September by lwandile13
Miraculous Salty Septemberby Jennifer Rose
Hey guys so I decided to start a new tradition. Please join me and come up with your own salty September books. If you have any ideas don't be afraid to share, I'll be h...
Everyone Loves Marinette by karin-ochibi-chan
Everyone Loves Marinetteby karin-ochibi-chan
In which Marinette is oblivious and everyone can't resist her charms
Until I Met You by Zarialt
Until I Met Youby Zaria Altair
Marinette was losing everything, her friends, Adrien, and even Chat Noir, all because of Lila Rossi, the girl who made her life a living hell, some people stayed by her...
Real meaning of love (A Lukanette story) by Mesha4200
Real meaning of love (A Jamesha Bostick
After Desperada, Kagami suggested that Marinette will have to choose either to be with Adrien or Luka, she doesn't want to hurt any of them, so she decided to stick with...
Marinette in Gotham by socallaian
Marinette in Gothamby socallaian
Another classic betrayal fic. After Marinette gets betrayed, her class gets chosen to go on a trip to Gotham. There, she makes new friends, finds love and oddly enough...
Sound of the melody (A Lukanette Story) by Mesha4200
Sound of the melody (A Lukanette Jamesha Bostick
Since Marinette told Adrien how she felt, he rejected her without a valid reason. But thankfully Luka stepped in for her.
SEASON 5 - LUKANETTE VERSION PART 1 OF 2  by MiraculousFan4Eva
The long awaited sequel to Season 4 Lukanette Version has arrived! Apologies on the delay but as I have to wait for episodes as they come out it's beyond my control unfo...
Marinette's New Love by Crybaby-Chan1
Marinette's New Loveby Crybaby-Chan1
I'm not sure what to put here...well this is a miraculous Ladybug FanFiction...I'm not the best at writing so this story is probably going to be awful...anyway...Have a...
Moving on by GachaPlusYT
Moving onby GachaPlusYT
Adrien is seen kissing Lila and before long, everyone knows. When Marionette finds out, she is destroyed. She almost gets akumatized but someone helps her cheer up. Luka...
If she said 'YES' by Arolla_Pine
If she said 'YES'by Lena Klimka
The story starts just after the "Frozer" episode. What if Marinette said "yes" when Luka asked her to come back by subway with him? This is a Lukanet...
Princess Justice  by CindyquilLove
Princess Justice by Cindyquil Love
Not sure if this fanfic was made yet, but this is my take on the Ladybug Ep. of Season 3 part 2. Where Marinette does get Akumatized, it will be a little different so in...
Your Reign Is Over, Lila! by TheShadowSorceress
Your Reign Is Over, Lila!by Tsunami
Marinette is so over taking the high road. Her friends are gone because of Lila, and still Adrien sees the world with rose tinted glasses. But Marinette is gonna expose...