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The Lion and the Eagle {Huna} by _JustImagining_
The Lion and the Eagle {Huna}by lex
Years after the war, Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood reunite as friends. But what Harry doesn't expect is a strange mix of feelings for the far off blonde, who seems busy...
like a redheaded stepchild  by 26FancyRaptors
like a redheaded stepchild by Isai Cabrera
I owne nothing this story belongs to mugglesftw on for more of her great story's go there. This is a story on if harry potter was redheaded enjoying
Purest Light by Janethepotter
Purest Lightby Jane Potter
"Who's the wizard Voldemort's always feared?" "Dumbledore." "Well if I were You-Know-Who, I'd want you to feel cut off from everyone else. When...
Harry Potter: Alternate Reality by ChaPonyKin
Harry Potter: Alternate Realityby Lotta
It's five years after the battle of Hogwarts in an alternate Harry Potter universe. Couples are: Harry/Luna Hermione/Draco Ron/Parvarti Neville/Ginny
Lunarry one-shots by Marvelxqueenx
Lunarry one-shotsby emerson
One-shots of one of my most underrated otps, lunarry. Harry and Luna NEEDED to have been a couple, but oh well, that's where I come in :D
Secrets To Keep by huff_la_puff
Secrets To Keepby bess
Harry finally tells everyone he loves about his past--with the help of his best friends of course. He also makes ammends with several people, saves others, makes new fri...
Harry Potter and the Rebellion of the Dark by MaraudersPride
Harry Potter and the Rebellion R.M.S. Lunar Harmony
Abandoned (probably). Read at your own risk. "'How to Welcome Back Time: A Guide to Efficient Time-Traveling,' Hermione said. 'I thought Harry might've been up to s...
Harry Potter One-Shots by usedtobeapotterhead
Harry Potter One-Shotsby usedtobeapotterhead
Mixed ships, but mainly Harmione, Drinny, Druna, Runa and Hanville. But for absolutely no reason apart from my own amusement, a change about and maybe your enjoyment, al...
Hadrian Ravenclaw// the Son of Rolena Ravenclaw by Lovegood_3
Hadrian Ravenclaw// the Son of My_3ndl3ssP4in
Harry has started hating Quidditch more and more. So in his 5th year, he quits his position of Seeker. And Starts to learn more about the Four houses and what he is lear...
Winter Solstice by EiffelInLove
Winter Solsticeby Nacha
Harry-Luna Fanfic
The Loony and The Chosen One (Huna Fanfic) by loonyshadow
The Loony and The Chosen One ( Leo 🥀
Credits for all the characters go to the Queen J.K. Rowling "You are just as sane as I am." It's Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts, and once again he is lost and...
Luna and Harry  by GazelleHell
Luna and Harry by Gazelle
I don't not own Harry Potter. All characters and everything else belongs to J.K Rowling. Harry is upset about Sirius and confused about his new found feelings towards Gi...
HARRY POTTER - NEXT GEN by jellyfish_hd
In an alternate timeline, after Hogwarts, Luna and Harry get married and have kids. So do some of their friends, roughly around the same time. When their kids grow older...