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Empire  by kaylyn_reads
Empire by kaylyn_reads
Empire with a twist, there's Jamal, Andre, Hakeem, and Their sister Amiya. Cookie is finally out of jail after 17 years and she's ready to see and bond with her kids mos...
This girl is mine! by zswaggah
This girl is mine!by WriterGal
Hakeem meets Zendaya and starts to have feelings for her. Characters Zendaya-Zendaya Bryshere Gray-Hakeem Jussie Smollet-Jamal Terrance Howard-Luscious Grace Gealey-An...
It's A Takeem Thing by yrashalla
It's A Takeem Thingby yrashalla
Just A Series of One Shots.
The Journey Of Takeem by EmpireXTakeem
The Journey Of Takeemby Queen Shady
THE JOURNEY OF TAKEEM Tiana and Hakeem hold a love for each other that is unimaginable but they will need to face some obstacles and their own personal issues in order...
Missing Pieces: Takeem Fanfiction by yrashalla
Missing Pieces: Takeem Fanfictionby yrashalla
Tiana and Hakeem haven't seen each other in five years. Taking place after season 2. Hakeem finally returns home to New York after living in LA. When he arrives home, ge...
Deliverance (Lucious/Cookie, Anika/Malcolm) by TeganPriceHarkness
Deliverance (Lucious/Cookie, Tegan Price Harkness
Anika has finally delivered herself from the Lyons's den & found love with Malcolm DeVeaux. But a chance encounter with Lucious and Cookie changes everyone's life foreve...
Time After Time, a Lucious/Cookie Empire fanfic by TeganPriceHarkness
Time After Time, a Lucious/ Tegan Price Harkness
What happened in the past that made Cookie and Candace stop speaking for 20 years?
Covet (Andre/Anika, Lucious/Cookie/Malcolm) by TeganPriceHarkness
Covet (Andre/Anika, Lucious/ Tegan Price Harkness
Andre is determined to bring the cycle of destruction in the Lyon family to an end. But it won't be easy as long as he's struggling with one of God's commandments: thou...
The LYONS found  princess  by DevineSelepe
The LYONS found princess by DevineSelepe
Royalty is the lost daughter of the music GOD AND GODDESS LUIOCUS AND COOKIE LYON. What will happen when Cookie finds her This a story about Royalty Princess Lyon
The Light of the World (Cookie/Lucious, Anika/Malcolm), an Empire fanfic by TeganPriceHarkness
The Light of the World (Cookie/ Tegan Price Harkness
"Are you sleeping with my wife?" A Lyon and a SEAL go head-to-head. It's all downhill from there...and it all started with a sheep.
ᴘʀɪɴᴄᴇ ᴏғ ᴇᴍᴘɪʀᴇ by aliibaby943
ᴘʀɪɴᴄᴇ ᴏғ ᴇᴍᴘɪʀᴇby Kaitlyn Kelley
Hakeem Lyon is the youngest of the Lyon boys and who grew up spoiled by his father Luscious Lyon.