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The Red Door by OriginalRevolver
The Red Doorby Sara Pupa
When Mollie starts to prefer the dreams she's having to the painful reality of life, she's forced to choose between embracing a fantasy or the man she loves. ...
Valeria Torres and the Midas Vault by Rogue705
Valeria Torres and the Midas Vaultby C. M. Lehmein
🌟2020 Watty's Winner🌟 A sixteen-year-old orphan, hoping to find a new family, joins a faction of Rogues and becomes vital in their conflict with a rival faction. ...
Rich Boys Club by JKMacLaren
Rich Boys Clubby J K MacLaren
What happens when you're magically stuck to the person that you hate the most? **** Livvy grew up helping in her parents' coffee shop. Harry grew up attending polo tourn...
Negative Zero | SaTzu by ZuiMisanamo
Negative Zero | SaTzuby ZuiMisanamo
The Academy of Arcane in Azumore, teaches the arts of magic in development of Wizards and Sorcerers. The four "S Class levels" are the most powerful sorcerers...
I will save the villain! by ArtemisJackson123
I will save the villain!by Ari Jackson
Somehow, Aubrey found herself transmigrated into the novel she read before her death. She wasn't the villainess, or the protagonist. She wasn't incomparably beautiful...
Whisper by TLSpencer
Whisperby Tanya Spencer
Seventeen-year-old Chloe Matthews is done with guys, done with her ex, and done with the cowboys of the Grand Teton Mountains. She refuses to get hurt again. All that ma...
Wife of Bones [Watty 2019] by Dragons_Dwell
Wife of Bones [Watty 2019]by Dragons Dwell
Darra while living at her cousins' house is pushed by a visiting ambassador to become the wife of a neighboring warlord. The warlord Obitus is a creature made of just li...
NEGATIVE ZERO: Walking With Memories by ZuiMisanamo
NEGATIVE ZERO: Walking With ZuiMisanamo
After escaping the grasps of Xal's chaos, Sana and her friends returned back to Azumore- with the news of the Kionhou sisters gone forever. At a final plead, upon the a...
An Irrevocable Condition by MaeglinYedi
An Irrevocable Conditionby MaeglinYedi
Harry doesn't age while everyone he loves does. Sick of losing all those around him, Harry decides to move to a new world thanks to a ritual Hermione found. He ends up i...
The Love Triangle by Koolkat__
The Love Triangleby Kriztal Adames
#1 Best Book | Many Genres In One | The Next Biggest Franchise ♥️ ✾ ❦ ✾ Amber Celest and her mother pave their way to a new beginni...
A Little Magic (ManxMan) by -carmin
A Little Magic (ManxMan)by Carrie Vanessa
Marek has magic. Westley needs a little magic in his life.
Sugar and Spice by BerryButterfly11
Sugar and Spiceby BerryButterfly
"Aren't girls supposed to be sugar and spice and everything nice?" "Whoever said that had ulterior motives or had never met one before." ~ Everything...
The Ordinary Haunting by aclees
The Ordinary Hauntingby A.C. Lees
Tay Tawan was not expecting to end up right back at work when he died. He was a happy-go-lucky kind of guy; he had no real troubles or regrets that he considered import...
The Seer's Library [Book 1 of Melancholy Ends] by SiomayAi
The Seer's Library [Book 1 of Anne
The Seer's Library is a place where the Keeper of Time resides, and legend says, that whoever finds The Keeper of Time will be given the power to turn time. Countless lu...
The Lightning Mage by AziaElga
The Lightning Mageby Azia Elga
When Lyn falls for a girl who is out of this world, she did not expect her to literally not be from the world. *** Lyn Bronte is a talented lightning mage and an up-and...
Cursed (Paranormal Romantic Suspense, Complete) by EliseNoble
Cursed (Paranormal Romantic Elise Noble
Rania Algafari never asked to be different, and when she escaped the war in Syria and moved to the UK, her only goal was to live her life in peace. Get up, go to work, a...
The Crystal Chronicles by AlessiaDickson
The Crystal Chroniclesby Alessia Dickson
[Book 1 FINISHED] Sixteen-year-old Alyssa Brooks is a high-school outcast who doesn't realize that she's living in a world where magic is very real and a dire threat to...
Blessed Curse by VictoriaLachac
Blessed Curseby Victoria Lachac
Valentina has special skills that endanger her. Sandro belongs to an unfairly treated community. In 15th century Venice, happiness seems impossible for them to find. Rel...
Sun Kissed by CocoNichole
Sun Kissedby Coco Nichole
"They become like us, but beautiful. Dangerously beautiful. Oh yes. And they can make the sky do their bidding. They cast spells with their music that can take away...
Return by AngelicDemon01
Returnby Shweta Shaw
Syn is just your normal DJ at a night club enjoying life until she lands herself in another world with no idea why or how. Even if the new world is magical and the super...