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RWBY X Reader (MALE POV) by larriohsah
RWBY X Reader (MALE POV)by ➳ Blessing ◍
So, people have asked for a male perspective of my story "RWBY x Reader" and being the "good" person I am, I'm made one!!!! *yay* This story will sli...
My Sunlight [Male Reader X Gwen Stacy] by Spiderling-SpiderBoy
My Sunlight [Male Reader X Gwen Spiderling
Gwen Stacy from into the spider-verse.
Who I Used to Be  by Total_Chaos13
Who I Used to Be by Total_Chaos13
(A Walking Dead Fanfic) You're either a dead man walking or a Survivor. That's the motto of Daniel Smith, a college student who barely made his way out of Atlanta as th...
The Nerd and Ms. Perfect by AngelicComposition
The Nerd and Ms. Perfectby AngelicComposition
The Nerd and Ms. Perfect have been friends forever, but their highschool social standings separate them. The Nerd is secretly in love with Ms. Perfect, how could this be...
Weight less (y/n male reader) by kaitl17
Weight less (y/n male reader)by kaitl17
When a champion skater from America moves in to a whole new area with many possibilities what will he do Disclaimer I don't own sk8 the infinity
The Titan Club and the Jaded Nerd by JayDioncelEvers
The Titan Club and the Jaded Nerdby Jarrick DeWaine Exum
An LGBT Teen Fiction Novel (Completed!) Kyle York is an introverted incoming senior who moved with his single mother and aunt from the rough streets of Oakland to a sere...
Kill Me Enthusiastically ( Jeff the killer x Male!Reader ) by officialemotrashcan
Kill Me Enthusiastically ( Jeff Mae
Him. It started with that word, hasn't it? It started out of context at that point. My mom beat me because I was a him instead of a her, reminding her of my dead father...
~ Sex Study ~ [ Male Y/n x Female ] by YourCxmSlxt
~ Sex Study ~ [ Male Y/n x Female ]by Swaggy
I had started masturbating until I heard the door and answered than saw ~Her~.
Aurelia 🌣 by beforeoursunsets
Aurelia 🌣by beforeoursunsets
synopsis: I fell in love with a blind girl. Well, she isn't totally blind. But not even her glasses could let her see this massive crush. WARNING: This story is told in...
The Elementals by felicityderos
The Elementalsby felicity deros
The Elementals are as old as the world itself, created to balance out the mystical beings who have found home on earth. The Elementals known to wipe out entire species...
How could you be so cruel? by Kai_Ember
How could you be so cruel?by
It's pretty much just a one-shot about my miserable love life Warning: Angst
Lazarus by Merci223222221
Lazarusby Merci223222221
A boy wake up not remembering anything.
Hunkified by a Booster Shot (So Hunkified #2) by JayDioncelEvers
Hunkified by a Booster Shot (So Jarrick DeWaine Exum
Mafia boss x Opal  by Your_girl_Skye
Mafia boss x Opal by ✨Skye✨
A mafia boss is on an important mission when things suddenly spiral out of control
I'm In Love With You by Releasse
I'm In Love With Youby Release Ronaldie
Nathan Seven Knight is Jackson's High, star cross basketball player. He has everything that anyone would want; good parents, money, fame, popularity and girls. But ther...
Súton by radfakeblonde
Sútonby radfakeblonde
Súton- Twilight; the approach of death or the end of something. Ethan James is sick. Ethan James is sick and receives a gift from a stranger that leaves him feeling wa...
Dragonheart  by -hurricanely
Dragonheart by l a g o m🌙
Griffin Erazmus Llane is living in the small house located between the Enchanted Forest and the village, Griffin and his family do not own the best reputation. For as l...
All out of love  by snowpatrol4
All out of love by snowpatrol4
When Alex loves, he loves fully, he gives his whole heart away, and often at that. But after having his heart broken too many times, he finds that his heart doesn't heal...
Undesirable prince  by ShadeWolfe9
Undesirable prince by ShadeWolfe9
Nonbinary x Male, Elf x Demon, 14+ The forced adventure of an unwanted elven royal who meets a man they hope can save them, in more ways then one
Youngblood by pinkiestwin
Youngbloodby Dominica
It was a set up. His fake cocky behaviour had taken a turn and messed up any chance he had of having it all. Now he's easy going life has become the most dangerous exper...