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FUKRA KI PREM KAHANI - S02 by FukraInsaanLover
FUKRA KI PREM KAHANI - S02by FukraInsaanLover
Another exciting season of Reader x Fukra Insaan AKA Abhishek Malhan.
Arrange marriage(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤ by milkymind_29
Arrange marriage(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤by Raanjhaan 🍓❤️
what happened when a simple girl is forced to marry a famous youtuber Triggered insaan aka nischay malhan.....come along the journey of y/n and nischay into this marriag...
Love Story ❤  by _aadhyasharma_
Love Story ❤ by Aadhya
A love story between reader and abhishek malhan in biggboss house.
Mafias of India✨ by lassanxpanda
Mafias of India✨by rose~chan✨
ft. Malhan brothers and raosahab! they're mafias. basically a lovestory with a bit of action. And a whole lot of trouble. READ TO FIND MORE.
Baarish Wala Love by Anaya1602
Baarish Wala Loveby Anaya
This is a love story of our Mr. Red Nose Nischay Malhan and y/n which I'm gonna write..... Well this is my first time writing a story on wattpad, so if I do any mistake...
Arrange marriage (season 2 ♡˖꒰ᵕ༚ᵕ⑅꒱) by milkymind_29
Arrange marriage (season 2 ♡˖꒰ᵕ༚ᵕ⑅ Raanjhaan 🍓❤️
what will happen if the one you are forcefully married to hates you the most in his life,how are you supposed to live your whole life with him! Experience anger,hate, gu...
"She was with Him when He had Nothing... ...Now She deserves to be with Him when He Has Everything." A reader x Fukra Insaan fanfiction!!
Mine Abhisha  by Priya8086
Mine Abhisha by Priya
Story of abhisha "There is no need to be so scared, I am not going to force you, I have a solid reason to marry you and as I owe you one crore, you will do what I s...
Abhiya_Love Story by Insaan_Clan
Abhiya_Love Storyby Panda Gang
Abhishek and Jiya Panda and BUnny
ABHIYA | The Untold Story by prynimsy_
ABHIYA | The Untold Storyby Pryn
This story is all about Abhiya but with imagination and twists. We know in life we get several choices and at the end some choices left unchosen. What would've happened...
Humsafar ~The First Rain Of Love. (Discontinued) by scarletstcr
Humsafar ~The First Rain Of 🌙✨
Jiya Shankar had a perfect life with her loving father and caring sister. Then on one perfect day she meets Abhishek Malhan who is the brother of her sister's soon-to-be...
The Tangled Web of Hearts by triggeredxbts
The Tangled Web of Heartsby Tiggered Sneha
Meet Y/n, the quintessential picture of modesty and simplicity. Now imagine her life getting turned upside down as she's unexpectedly arranged to marry none other than N...
Lost souls by milkymind_29
Lost soulsby Raanjhaan 🍓❤️
ones the souls are lost can love bring them back...........? what will happen when friendship comes in the way of love?........what if souls are lost........?.......come...
The Content House || Yoothobers || by kajukatli234
The Content House || Yoothobers ||by harami duo~
Every morning when I start off with my day, I think about the life which I am blessed with. My surroundings, my Family and most importantly... my friends 'Friends are th...
LOVE BY CHANCE <3|| SWARNALI  by notswarnali
introducing none other than nischay malhan aka youtuber triggered insaan who fall in love with his sister prerna's best friend.aage jan ne k liye story padh lo saado! ;)
PUZZLED LOVE by FukraInsaanLover
PUZZLED LOVEby FukraInsaanLover
What happens when Aditi and Abhishek Malhan AKA Fukra Insaan meet and fall for each other instantly...but past intervenes!! Are they destined to get together?? (A must r...
FUKRA KI PREM KAHANI - S03  by FukraInsaanLover
FUKRA KI PREM KAHANI - S03 by FukraInsaanLover
This is a bonus part for FUKRA KI PREM KAHANI series. Enjoy the lovely moments of reader and Fukra Insaan AKA Abhishek Malhan!!
Stuck With the Mafia (Complete) by nagarxmalhan_fanfics
Stuck With the Mafia (Complete)by nagarxmalhan_fanfics
Ft carryminati ,Triggered Insaan y/n Blood blood blood Jao bhay padhlo Yaha pe kya milega?
Arrange marriage wala love by KALASHSINGH9C
Arrange marriage wala loveby nevermind
Love story of Mr malhan and ms yn
Genuine feelings  by NehaKumari827
Genuine feelings by Neha that bored nerd 🤓
Dedicated to all abhisha lovers ❤️😌