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Wolfsbane // Neville Longbottom by justreadandwritex
Wolfsbane // Neville Longbottomby justreadandwritex
Cassie Green survived the second Wizarding war but not without any complications. Cassie is about to start her second year as a Potions professor at Hogwarts when a new...
LUMINARY,  justin finch-fletchley by -WITCHWEEKLY
LUMINARY, justin finch-fletchleyby ❝ magnolia ❞
and she was, without a doubt, in love with him. © -WITCHWEEKLY
|Home and Away| HP | by Amazaku_09
|Home and Away| HP |by Rin
Love adventure? Yeah, so does Isla. Isla Payne, a bright girl with a love for books- Harry Potter the most. She may have no friends, but she doesn't care- her books are...
Alight the Power from Within [1] by MarticiaElrida
Alight the Power from Within [1]by Marticia Elrida
It's Leila's first year at Hogwarts and she expects nothing more than to enjoy the school year with her friends and developing her new power -if she develop any at all...
A Ravenclaw Story | Jeremy Stretton by stinky200
A Ravenclaw Story | Jeremy Strettonby MarjorieMacDougal
A group of Ravenclaw students in their fifth year, experience Hogwarts very differently from well known Harry Potter and his close circle. Following Marjorie MacDougal a...
The Significant Magbob by deadricsupremacy
The Significant Magbobby Dennis
Catherine Clifford, a rebirth from a different world discovers what she truly is and finds herself amazed by the real Wizarding world. The events that follows are exactl...