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❝ A DANGEROUS GAME ❞ ── Marta Cabrera ¹ ✓ by munsonsss
❝ A DANGEROUS GAME ❞ ── Marta Skye
A DANGEROUS GAME | ❝You think one of us is responsible for my grandfather's death?❞ ━ IN WHICH Iris Drysdale is determined to help Benoit Blanc solve the mystery behind...
A Twisted Web - Benoit Blanc by LAC1940
A Twisted Web - Benoit Blancby FantasyandHistory
Florence 'Flora' Drysdale is a successful travel writer. She is a bit distant from her family but returns from her travels abroad after her grandfather's sudden death. T...
CSI: KFC || Ransom Drysdale x reader by glass-dahlia
CSI: KFC || Ransom Drysdale x 𓆏
"I think this could be the best thing to happen to all of you!" Fem!reader Also warning for swears if that bothers you, there's some, not too much in my opinio...
You Made Me Better | Knives Out by UndercoverHashbrown
You Made Me Better | Knives Outby Undercover Potato I just saw Knives Out (2019). For the record, it is the best movie EVER. I just kind of shipped Marta and Ransom and also had a different idea in my head for thi...
Oil and Water | Ransom Drysdale (o.h) by -candeilers
Oil and Water | Ransom Drysdale ( — a m e l i a.
"Oil and water don't mix, not in love, certainly not in day to day life." knives out female oc x ransom drysdale taking place before, during and after knives...
Pack of Vultures (Marta x Blanc) by Josephine_elizabeth
Pack of Vultures (Marta x Blanc)by Josephine_elizabeth
Marta Cabrera x Benoit Blanc from Knives Out (2019). 1930s AU! "To steal back a fortune you lost and she deserves. You're a pack of vultures, knives out and beaks...
Shared Guilt- A Knives Out Story by leiaesthetic
Shared Guilt- A Knives Out Storyby Leni
"And you know what the best part is, you have no fucking proof. So arrest me or the little Latina bitch, I don't care, because with a good lawyer which I have... I'...
How they got away with murder by ransomswp
How they got away with murderby gal
What happens when two star-crossed lovers are forbidden from being together? Do they give up or do they fight to be together? Follow Ransom and Marta through their love...
sinner • ransom drysdale by nelliecrain
sinner • ransom drysdaleby B.
Nobody was more surprised by the unexpected pairing than the two involved but, against all odds, Ransom and Dawn fell for each other, and soon enough, she was his. Hook...
Not Another Piece in your game by lgoldberg2
Not Another Piece in your gameby Liora Goldberg
This is a Knives out Fan fiction of Marta and Ransom. It takes place after the movie, so if you haven't seen it, I suggest you do before reading! I hope you enjoy!
Save you,Save me                (MartaxRansom Knives Out) by leiaesthetic
Save you,Save me ( Leni
Popstar/Bodyguard AU Marta Cabrera, an uprising American Popstar with Ecuadorianian roots needs protection. She has major anxiety after being stalked by her ex-boyfrien...
I'd Lie (Jacob Thrombey, Knives Out) by WildTigress11
I'd Lie (Jacob Thrombey, Knives Lone Wolf
Jennifer Cabrera, Marta's younger sister, loves to write. She helps her sister in looking after Harlan Thrombey by reading him her stories while Marta takes care of his...
Knives out: Marta Cabrera's daughter by HannahBaker881
Knives out: Marta Cabrera's HannahBaker881
Nancy Clark is the daughter of Marta Cabrera, who is a widow and the nurse of famous murder writer, Ha