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Star Wars: Unexpected Rebellion  by Ares_House
Star Wars: Unexpected Rebellion by Ares_House
The crew meets a mysterious stranger, who pays them for taking him to different planets. Who is he and why is he hiding his face? Could he eventually join the rebellion...
agony. |darth maul by br00tle
agony. |darth maulby lyn
Under the hood was something Kin had never seen before. Striking red skin with intricate, bold black tattoos. Golden rimmed eyes blankly stared at Kin, who couldn't pull...
Clone Wars One Shots by CsC_13
Clone Wars One Shotsby CsC_13
Basically some clone wars oneshots. Mainly Anakin, Ahsoka, and the Clones but feel free to give suggestions for other ideas. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the starwar...
Star Wars rebels oneshots by gbow1999
Star Wars rebels oneshotsby Gbow1999
Kanan Ezra Zeb Kallus Maul Thrawn Rex
As You Wish (Obi-Wan x Reader) by Munsons-Queen
As You Wish (Obi-Wan x Reader)by Freddie is my Queen
(Y/n) Galad is an Elvish Jedi from the planet Rivendell. Her master Plo Koon assigned her to be Queen Amidala's protector when the threat of an invasion on Naboo was hig...
Back in the Game (COMPLETE) by Sparkplug02
Back in the Game (COMPLETE)by Sparkplug02
The Clone War has resumed after its brief pause due to the fall of Chancellor Palpatine, who has been revealed to be Darth Sideous. Chancellor Kayla Kanai leads the Repu...
Star Wars Rebels 3 by AssassinNovice72
Star Wars Rebels 3by Assassin Novice
Six whole months have passed since the Battle of Malachor. Ahsoka and Orion gone. Leo and Mako vanished into thin air. And Kanan, blinded by Maul's blade. The Ghost crew...
Unexpected Alliance by AhsokaTano01
Unexpected Allianceby Anders
What if Ahsoka and Maul joined forces on Mandalore and went to Coruscant to go kill Palpatine? How would it change the clone wars? Would Anakin still turn to the dark? W...
His Last Dawn- Rexsoka by _silversong
His Last Dawn- Rexsokaby Silver
In the morning, you know this might be your last dawn. Forget your friends and forget the ones you loved. All you can do is save yourself. Or you will never see another...
The Unexpected Fate by Castasy
The Unexpected Fateby Addy D.
So I was bored like most people are in quarantine, and I thought of multiple theories for the Star Wars Franchise. What if Anakin had never loved Padme? What if she'd n...
Ahsoka x reader The Bounty hunter Chiss by E33641189
Ahsoka x reader The Bounty Aurora Dragonflame
I am Y/n the son of Cad Bane and my mother a Chiss named Nora Mitth a spy for the Chiss to spy on the Republic's War. My mother was shocked when I was born as a Chiss Fo...
Darth Draco by starkiller15
Darth Dracoby Starkiller15
Odio,ira,resentimiento......son los principales caminos del lado oscuro.......y es lo que siento ahora tras ser Traicionado por esas mujeres.....junto a las tres faccion...
Kylo Ren: The War In Our Hearts by _J_Evans
Kylo Ren: The War In Our Heartsby _J_Evans
As young Jedi, Nakari Kuolu, is sent to accompany the resistance's best pilot, Poe Dameron, to the planet of Jakku, her past starts to catch up with her at light speed...
The Path of a Sith by EzraBridger17
The Path of a Sithby EzraBridger17
Ezra Bridger became the apprentice of Maul after The Ghost crew left him on Lothal for his own good. Maul introduces Ezra to The Dark side but The Dark side Can't corrup...
Ebon Hawk Rises by Hawkebat
Ebon Hawk Risesby Sara Hawke
Dromund Kaas a planet covered in swamps and twisted jungles. Long ago the capital of the Sith Empire and their final stand before being wiped out on Dromund Fels. Long a...
Star Wars Guys x Reader by dxn_djarxn
Star Wars Guys x Readerby space boo
Includes: Anakin Skywalker, Cassian Andor, Kylo Ren, Darth Maul, Cad Bane, Rex, Would include the Mandalorian but I kind of already have a book on him ;) Also Star Wars...
Mishaps on Malachor by CourtesyTrefflin
Mishaps on Malachorby Courtesy Trefflin
Sith holocrons can cause chaos. And they're dangerous. Everything spirals into mayhem when the fight over the holocron on Malachor has unexpected consequences, leaving D...
Secrets  by EmilyZoglman
Secrets by EmilyTheRebel
Everyone has secrets. Some aren't big deals, some are dark others are dangerous. Sabine had been hiding something big from the crew. While Sabine covered her own tracks...
Obsession by Puppeteer-skills-101
Obsessionby Darth Nuvae
A Star Wars AU, where Maul successfully captures Queen Amidala and fails to kill Qui-Gon. Maul also kidnaps Obi-wan Kenobi sensing a strong connection from the Force bet...
Blinded by trust by Star-Wars-Dragons
Blinded by trustby Fawn Bridger
Instead of Kanan going blind, it's Ezra. Kanan takes the Holocron and ignoring his training, learns what he can from it to protect his friends.