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Mentally Insane | Colby Brock by _paigey_poohbear_
Mentally Insane | Colby Brockby Paige Shad
A 18 year old girl, Rilynn Winters, gets admitted to the local Mental Institution where she meets a sick boy who will soon change her life. Inspired by @notdehlila Check...
The Book of the Mentally Insane by Forever_reading__
The Book of the Mentally Insaneby Michayla
People think living in a small town is peaceful. You get to talk to your neighbors, hear the small town gossip, maybe even find true love...well that's what happens in...
His girl  by lilxbrayan
His girl by Xbrayan
"Don't mess wit her,don't look at her,dont hit on her,don't text talk to her" "why" "she's his girl" Carl and Peyton grow up together...lit...
The Gentleman Of The Shadows by fwifneiinfsi
The Gentleman Of The Shadowsby cjsj
I was five when the man of the shadows first started visiting. Keeping me safe was his job, or so he told me. As I grew up his visits became more and more common until e...
Till Death Do Us Part by booknerdjc
Till Death Do Us Partby booknerdjc
Raised in a asylum, Tess and Liam fell in love. If you could call it that their relationship is filled with lies and betrayal. How will their relationship be affected wi...
Escape by freeak_coma
Escapeby Deactivated
I hear voices. They like to talk to me, but only I hear them. They say they're my friends. They say they will help me. I love these voices. They will help me escape. Th...
Bad Condense-milked love by Chandre1352
Bad Condense-milked loveby Dreixx..
In the mood for a blasted fun time with many laughs, along with heart wrenching romance? Well this book has it all, it's filled to the brim with laughter, humor, love...
Murder...What A Fun Game To Play by arisella14
Murder...What A Fun Game To Playby Arisella
Life gets a little boring sometimes, so I found a fun game to play. Whenever I feel bored I simply pick up a weapon and bash someone's head in, beat them to death, stab...
Kidnapped By Billie Eilish // Re-Written Version by JamesCharlessssshh
Kidnapped By Billie Eilish // j
*A book in which a green and black haired maniac named Billie Eilish kidnaps a young girl after being let out of a mental asylum* The original version: #1 in mystery gir...
Just Mentally Insane by IonicBond1
Just Mentally Insaneby IonicBond1
A very weird creepy poem
The ghost I saw in the shower by riiiiiiiiiiiiiz
The ghost I saw in the showerby Personwhowantsashake
This is a very short story and probably mistakes FINISHED ------------------------- This took place when I was in 5th grade so I barley remember what happened. I even f...
Inside My Head by infurnum
Inside My Headby infurnum
Tessa was 10 when her parents died in a car crash. She was 13 when she was sent to a mental asylum off the coast of California.
Infatuated // sad poetry by AllThingsPainful
Infatuated // sad poetryby AllThingsPainful
If you give up on me , i'm going to give up on me too.
A Mad Love Story by hitormiss04
A Mad Love Storyby hitormiss04
A young boy who is mentally falls in love with a popular girl. He try's desperately to get the girl he loves but she doesn't want him. Finally he comes to one conclusion...