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The Tutor by xXMeXx627
The Tutorby xXMeXx627
Gracie May Howards is a brat. She's mean, and she not very smart at all. But she has that personality that's strong that you can't say no to. She is rather naive when...
Newsies Preferences by BlueSlytherin1025
Newsies Preferencesby Blue.Slytherin
These are just some preferences that I had in mind. These include: Jack Kelly David Jacobs Spot Conlon Racetrack Higgins Mush Meyers Crutchy Skittery
Chibipastas! A Creepypastas X Reader Book(remake from 2019) by SamV73
Chibipastas! A Creepypastas X Samael V
(reader is they/them) you, an average person in a middle class neighborhood, stumble across a strange little boy while walking home from grocery shopping one day, he's e...
You will be mine~ (Herman Carter x reader) by Edgy-Birb
You will be mine~ (Herman Carter Edgy-Birb
Y/n works in a cafe with her best friend when she is hired by THE Herman carter whom she has been crushing on since they were young, on the first day she finds out his s...
A Small world: The story of how the seven meet the Lunar Chronicles crew.  by jramazing
A Small world: The story of how Writer person ;)
Percy and the seven meet the Lunar chronicles crew. But soon after, Cinders old family comes to the palace with news. They think Peony is still alive and she is at a cam...
A Renegades Continuation by sara2400north
A Renegades Continuationby Sara North
(Same book-different cover. I had to change it....) Is there anyone who, yes, loved the whole plot of the Renegades series but really liked the love part of it. I have s...
Bad Boy? Meet Bad Girl [DISCONTINUED] by RideOneSOS
Bad Boy? Meet Bad Girl [ FlwrChld
Christi Meyers. When people hear her name they shudder, they know what she's capable of, they've seen it. When her whole pack is captured and she only has dreams and vi...
An Angel Come To Save Me by Vbstar1365
An Angel Come To Save Meby Vbstar1365
*Rewrite in progress* The B.P.R.D. gets two new recruits. As Adelaide Parrish joins the team and grows increasingly closer to Hellboy, what happens when Liz Sherman come...
PersonaliKey by knvjones
PersonaliKeyby Kenny Jones
A world separated by personality type. In 2nd grade, you're given the first of many tests that determine what kind of person you are. Thalia comes from a famous family o...
Creepypasta×reader (Oneshots) (ON HOLD!!!) by PickledAmi
Creepypasta×reader (Oneshots) ( pickled sewage water
this is my frist book and I don't really know what is gonna happen~ so I hope you dont mind going on this terrifying adventure with me.😳😬😅 My hope for this book is to...
Saturday Night Love by teamlukeshlb
Saturday Night Loveby teamlukeshlb
Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler fanfic
Bigger, Longer, And Shit by Kyle-The-Gr8
Bigger, Longer, And Shitby 「 ♧ 」
southp ark bigg longg uncu t (Highest ranking is #1 in Longer)
Who is Who? by AyoMicheal
Who is Who?by Ayo Micheal
Who is who? Are you who you think you are? Are you who you say you are? Do you know yourself? Can you give perfect description of yourself?
THE ACADEMY by enzosgarden
THE ACADEMYby enzosgarden
attending a sports academy was always destiny and gabriella's dream, so when they secured a spot on one of london's best, they knew they finally had the chance to achiev...
Caught In The Kings Spell by BeautedelNord
Caught In The Kings Spellby BeautedelNord
You think you know a story but you only know how it ends. To get to the heart of the story, you have to go back to the beginning.
Who To Choose? ( Jaden Delarosa/Kyree Meyers fan fic) by qqqqthfxx
Who To Choose? ( Jaden Delarosa/ qqqqthfxx
Who will angel choose when she meets her new neighbor Jaden and his friend Kyree. Read to Find out what happens next and see who she will choose~ Bye🙃💜
Awakened by fandom_b4_blood
Awakenedby fandom_b4_blood
When the Fleer wins the minds of millions, Andrew Meyers sees the truth. They say if they hadn't picked up the pieces of the world, it would be a shattered ruin. But, An...
One Question Friday the 13th/wrong turn fanfic by Penguinwifey
One Question Friday the 13th/ Dr.peppergirl
Jaon and Rachel have been married for three years. They have 3 kids and are happily married. Lexi and Micheal on the other hand not so happy. Why you may ask, because...
One More Night by ZacMeyers1
One More Nightby Zac Meyers
A Grandmother talks to her long time husband about the pros and cons of self termination in a short story created by Zac Meyers. Yes this is my first story, so be kind :)