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Secrets/Katsuki Bakugo x OC/ by Truck_rodeo_19
Secrets/Katsuki Bakugo x OC/by Blue
"Are you okay?" Katsuki asks. "I'll be okay." I tell him trying to put on a bright smile. Only if you knew how much this is killing me Katsuki.
You've Twisted My Arm by CalantheTierra
You've Twisted My Armby Curtmarie Hardaker
Kirin was quiet, always keeping to herself. Her parents were confused about her and the only person she ever truly talked to was her grandfather who left a confusing ima...
Cool Down! (Todoroki Sister¡Reader) by Shiyiku_Sprite12
Cool Down! (Todoroki Sister¡Reader)by Shiyiku Sprite
After making a Midoriya Sibling!Reader and a Bakugo Sibling!Reader, it's only fair for me to give the silent, lovable cinnamon roll a turn to have a sibling, who would a...
Aizawas daughter (my oc) x Mezo Shoji by globglogoptala
Aizawas daughter (my oc) x Mezo globglogoptala
where my OC falls for a certain six armed man. this is my first story so this is probably Hella cringy, just bear with me on this. ☆◇ COVER ART IS NOT MINE◇☆ Started: 4...
Shouji x Reader Oneshots| Smut and Fluff! by Sirius_Senpai
Shouji x Reader Oneshots| Smut ✨ Olive ✨
I write too much Shouji x Reader content in my BNHA x Reader book, so I'm writing it here! I live my octodaddy so much! UwU
[Discontinued] 𝕄𝕪 ℍ𝕖𝕣𝕠 (bnha various x reader) by ShuzukuHigami
[Discontinued] 𝕄𝕪 ℍ𝕖𝕣𝕠 ( Shuzuku Higami
[Discontinued] (Y/N) is a girl who wants to be a Pro-Hero. She's smart, strong, and beautiful. Her past is something, she really doesn't like to talk about. Tragic thing...
MHA/ BNHA Preferences and Oneshots by fandomjoiner
MHA/ BNHA Preferences and Oneshotsby fandomjoiner
Characters for preferences: Mina Ashido Tsuyu Asui Denki Kaminari Eijiro Kirishima Kyoka Jiro Hanta Sero Shoto Todoroki Katsuki Bakugo Izuku Midoriya Momo Yaoyorozu Fumi...
↳ bnha one shots || vol. 1 by elysiumdreamsssss
↳ bnha one shots || vol. 1by Ellu
bnha one shots of all the bnha boys! [ following anime ]
UNDERRATED & UNDERAPPRECIATED--Heroes&Villains (MHA) by CaptainCapricious
UNDERRATED & CaptainCapricious
A collection of Oneshots, Headcanons, and Imagines, Mostly of MHA's Underrated Characters (Formally Big Three Dump)!!! Taking Requests? Perhaps~
Shouji x Tokoyami [ Shoutoko ] Oneshot's, Smut and Fluff! by Sirius_Senpai
Shouji x Tokoyami [ Shoutoko ] ✨ Olive ✨
Mostly Smut, rarely any fluff or angst A bunch of Oneshots from my favourite ship of all time :p this will contain lemon (sexual scenes)= 🍋 angst= 💀 fluff= 🍚 That's i...
My Hero Academia Snippets (MHA/BNHA) by I_love_Hamilton_yeet
My Hero Academia Snippets (MHA/ I_love_Hamilton_yeet
This is My Very First My Hero Academia, My Friends got Me into The Show, So I am watching it, I love it, This show is so good, I'm on Season 2 right now, But I will catc...
my hero academia x spider man male reader by oranged1
my hero academia x spider man
with great power comes great responsibility, with 80% of the population possessing some uncanny ability join (y/n) as he moves to Japan to become a great hero
BNHA ⇄ one shots by -fairydusts-
BNHA ⇄ one shotsby ً
『❝like my shit or leave.❞』
BNHA x Reader by kimshottea
BNHA x Readerby Kim
"You're not reaching your full potential because you're scared of your own fire. Don't you want to be a strong Pro-hero?" "I do! It's just, whenev...
TokoShoji One-Shots by hey-itsbirdfreak
TokoShoji One-Shotsby ‘the’ fallen angel
as the title says, now read and request as you shall for this beautiful ship that finds me comfort :> ★★★ and thank y'all for 18.8k since i'm surprised people actuall...
‣Shouto Todoroki x Reader ★ one shots ‣ by myukcii
‣Shouto Todoroki x Reader ★ one m i k a
Hey pals! I've been really into BNHA lately and decided to make a SHOUTO X Reader Oneshot. I'll taking request and will probably post them three times a week if I'm not...
Mineta Deserves Better by space-is-gay
Mineta Deserves Betterby ▪ dead▪
all bnha characters x the grape Aka Fuck u im a grape fucker
Save me from the darkness by thehuggableteddybear
Save me from the darknessby Asher
(BOOK 1) Everybody has secrets. Everybody has a backstory. But, someone in U.A has the darkest one of all.
Kamen Rider Deku (Kamen Rider x BNHA Crossover) by Lance1889
Kamen Rider Deku (Kamen Rider x Lance1889
I own nothing, everything I use belongs to their respective owners. After Bakugo threatens him about not joining the UA Exam. Deku wanders the forest where he and Baku...
This story tells about Izuku Midoriya a farm boy who dreams of becoming a royal knight to create a better life for his family. However, Izuku gained a strange power that...