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Between Abomination And Affection - Michifer by _Doctor_Pond_
Between Abomination And Affection...by Lexy
Michael, the leader of heaven, wakes up in a strange area that he doesn't know. He has to face the fact that this is the cage and he is trapped there. Trapped with his a...
Angels Don't Share by LPCollins
Angels Don't Shareby L.P. Collins
Sam and Dean Winchester are two normal teenagers: they are quite popular at their local high school, they each have an amazing girlfriend and despite their difficult pas...
Supernatural Smut and Fluff by nerdyreads123
Supernatural Smut and Fluffby nerdyreads123
A collection of Supernatural one shots. Smut and fluff. All ships and Reader one shots. REQUESTS WELCOME
A Summer Dream (Destiel/Sabriel/Michifer) by Gabriels_Wings
A Summer Dream (Destiel/Sabriel/Mi...by Jaz :)
Summer Camp AU A camp in a forest lasting all of summer. Michael, the sensible guy who looks out for everyone and constantly denies a certain fact. Lucifer, the satanic...
Our Love Will Survive (complete) by Anubysss
Our Love Will Survive (complete)by Anubis
Mary and John Winchester are a happy married couple for over 20 years now. They have a son named Dean, who's 16 years old now. He's a good kid, tries very hard at school...
It Takes Two (Sabriel/Destiel/Michifer) (UNDER HEAVY EDITING) by blissfullyineffable
It Takes Two (Sabriel/Destiel/Mich...by George Wh0re
Sam is mostly mute and meets Gabe and his siblings. They easily become friends and more. Dean meets Cas through Sam and Gabe, even though he doesn't like Gabe. He insta...
A Winter Storm (SEQUEL to A Summer Dream) by Gabriels_Wings
A Winter Storm (SEQUEL to A Summer...by Jaz :)
Sequel to the summer camp AU Sam, Dean, Gabriel and Castiel all went to a camp on the summer of 2013. They were in a cabin together, became friends, and eventually becam...
Quote in the Quiet (Sabriel) by Gabriels_Wings
Quote in the Quiet (Sabriel)by Jaz :)
AU with Mute Sam, Background Destiel and Michifer Gabriel Novak, just your every day person just out of college. Works at a fandom shop with his best friend Charlie an...
All This Time (Destiel, Sabriel and Michifer AU) by Moosifer_bilinski
All This Time (Destiel, Sabriel an...by Sophia
Its been 4 years since the Winchester's left, four years of no contact and hopelessness. The teens have grown up and seemingly moved on from the memories that had once p...
Angel High {A Destiel, Sabriel and Michifer High School AU} by Sea_of_Mischief
Angel High {A Destiel, Sabriel and...by Sea_of_Mischief
Angel High {A Destiel, Sabriel and Michifer High School AU} Angel High, the school where the Novak boys: Castiel, Gabriel and Lucifer meet and befriend the Winchester bo...
Photograph (Destiel/Sabriel/Michifer/Adamandriel) High School Summer AU by ThatLonerStoner
Photograph (Destiel/Sabriel/Michif...by Hannah
[Highest Ships Rank: #2 Adamanriel] #8 Sabriel] #3 Michifer] ...
Family Don't End With Blood /Destiel//Sabriel//Michifer by Kat_Winters
Family Don't End With Blood /Desti...by Kat Winters
Supernatural High School AU. John has finally been placed in prison and Bobby is able to raise Sam, Dean, and their adopted younger sister, Elsa (nothing to do with froz...
Meant for eachother?| SPN AU by Fangirl-Nightime
Meant for eachother?| SPN AUby Fangirl-Nightime
*Highest Rank* *#1 In Adamandriel* *#3 In Michifer* "It's as if we were made like puzzle pieces, and it might be hard to find a match but if you keep looking you wi...
Destiel one shots 😇💙😏 by FatalUnicorn
Destiel one shots 😇💙😏by Frogg.face
Just a bunch of Destiel oneshots and maybe some Sabriel idk yet!
Only one chance to love (Destiel, Sabriel, and Micifer) by lilpandawolf
Only one chance to love (Destiel...by Lucifer's mom
Castiel, Gabriel, and Michael Novak come from a really religious family, and according to their parents one of the worst things you could be is gay. Coincidently all of...
The Heat of the Moment Sabriel/Destiel/ Michifer Highschool AU by TheCalicoCat
The Heat of the Moment Sabriel/Des...by The Chantie
So what Sam and Dean had moved again? It's not like this move would b any different. Dean would hook up with any available girl, and Sam would do his best to avoid makin...
The boys next door (Destiel, Sabriel, Michifer)  by misunderstood_mayhem
The boys next door (Destiel, Sabri...by Loverboy
The Novaks move in next door to the Winchesters and old history comes up, including why Sam doesn't speak, why Lucifer lost his full rid and why the Novaks never stay in...
Supernatural One Shots by samcifer_shipper
Supernatural One Shotsby Fuck you
Little supernatural one shots. Mostly fluff, angst and NO smut. Most of this stuff's Michifer, there will be other ships but it'll most likely include Lucifer somewhere...
Song of the Heart (Destiel/Sabriel/Michifer) by Gabriels_Wings
Song of the Heart (Destiel/Sabriel...by Jaz :)
Musician AU!!! :D Gabriel, Castiel, Michael and Lucifer. Also known as Heaven's Grace, a well known band that became popular after writing a world wide hit several years...
Back In Black (Photograph Sequel) by ThatLonerStoner
Back In Black (Photograph Sequel)by Hannah
《Ship Ranks: ~ #2 Adamndriel #12 Michifer #11 Sabriel 》 Five years later - John has died. Wit...