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With You by LadyKxt
With Youby Kat
Do Mika and Yuu finally get together? How will they get through this apocalypse? What is the Mikaela trait? How will they save everyone? Will they survive? Will they get...
Welcome to Wonderland [ Mikayuu ] by CorvusInk
Welcome to Wonderland [ Mikayuu ]by Corvus
There is a place where the impossible becomes possible. Imagine smilling cats that can appear and dissapear with ease. A white rabbit always looking at a pocket watch. A...
The Crime of Loving You by crapidoodles
The Crime of Loving Youby crapidoodles
Lovely~ (mikayuu) by FireEllie99
Lovely~ (mikayuu)by forg
Yuuichiro wakes up in an unknown pink bedroom. He finds out he's been trapped in a labyrinth for keeping subjects deemed worthy of being the Vampire Prince's bride. Howe...
You're Mine [HIATUS] by axiinite
You're Mine [HIATUS]by axinite
-owari no seraph AU with yandere Mika- Some things will be based on the canon but it's mostly an AU ~ I really suck at writing summaries so read to find out! -Pairings:...
Bottom Of The Ocean || MikaYuu FF (ONS) by XxXBringMe2LifexXx
Bottom Of The Ocean || MikaYuu FF...by Alana
A reluctant trip to the beach leads yuu into meeting someone new but turns out he is not human. Based on art by http://pemprika.tumblr.com/
Vampire Mika x Vampire Yuu by DemonPrincessBri
Vampire Mika x Vampire Yuuby Brianna Anderson
What if after Yuu stabbed Mika and his friends caught up to him, their insults pushed him too far and he sided with Mika and the vampires? Let's find out.
MikaYuu Royal Omegaverse Au by tortoisetur
MikaYuu Royal Omegaverse Auby M4RSHM4//0
In a society where omegas were extinct for 1,000's of years, there finally came along another, Yuuichiro Ichinose, what happens when he finds out that the prince of vamp...
Obsessive ༣ MikaYuu by ScarletPetal
Obsessive ༣ MikaYuuby ✿ོ࿔⠀|⠀k . scarlet
[ Book One of The Shoyū to Byōki Series ] [ Prequel to Revenge ] [ UNDER EXCESSIVE EDITING ] Yuichiro Amane was his friend, his ideal lover, and his obsession. He was g...
Alittle more than family || Mikayuu (boy x boy) by MochiMochiCiel
Alittle more than family || Mikayu...by Steph
I saw there weren't many mikayuu stories so I took the opportunity to make this super gay fanfic for you all, This AU story takes place in the future after the war agai...
Blind Love (Mikayuu/Yuumika) by nazy1967
Blind Love (Mikayuu/Yuumika)by Shiro >~<
Mika was born blind. He relies on his hearing to help him out. One day his sister Krul decides for him to go to school. Once Mika goes to school he meets a boy named Yui...
Yuu-chan In Wonderland  by tessyoc
Yuu-chan In Wonderland by tessyoc
A descendant of the legendary Alice who doesn't believe in the world of fantasy, is sent down the hole of wonderland where he has to start believing in them or else thei...
I thought i'd lost you... by Taylorcaldwell72149
I thought i'd lost you...by Taylorcaldwell72149
after a horrible accident yuu dies, leaving mika broken hearted. one day a few years later, mika is sent on a mission to find information about the human's next move. bu...
Vampire Love (Mikayuu) by Mitsunae
Vampire Love (Mikayuu)by Addi Hyakuya
This takes place after the battle against vampires and humans. Mika and Yuu are living together trying to be unnoticed.
Love us, love him  by animefandomshipper
Love us, love him by Strawberrylove
They love him. And he loves them. Just not in the way they all hope. It's their own fault for falling for a rose whose stems are lovingly wrapped with another's, its...
Wrong number. (A mikayuu two-shot.) by Yuuzmi
Wrong number. (A mikayuu two-shot.)by Yuuichirou-is-a-smol-princess
Yuu and his friends were playing truth or dare when Yoichi asked him the words "truth or dare Yuu-kun?"
Not Brothers By Blood •MikaYuu• by sachino_exe
Not Brothers By Blood •MikaYuu•by sachino_exe
omFg I'm a trashcan someone please end my love for yaoi because 😫😫 I HAVe aN ADDICTION FFJJFFFJJFJFJFKFK Anyway here's some fluff fan fiction because the other one ha...