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The Story of the Other Original Petrova (1) by Katherine101
The Story of the Other Original Pe...by ♔Mɪss Kᴀᴛʜᴇʀɪɴᴇ♔
What if Tatia Petrova , the woman who started it all , had a sister ? A sister that matched her beauty . A sister that was her rival for the hearts of the Orignal broth...
Aria Claire (The Originals) Book 1 by ClaireTmt
Aria Claire (The Originals) Book 1by Clara-L
Arianna (Aria) Claire is the older sister of Davina Claire. Aria left her family in New Orleans because she didn't feel accepted by her coven as she was the only Siphone...
The Original Mother ¢ Completed ¢ by Liyah245
The Original Mother ¢ Completed ¢by Liyah245
"Who are you , what are you doing in my house?" Elijah mikealson asks "Me dear I am your mother my bastard of a sister Ester took you all away from me&qu...
A Thousand Years by StelenasHizzie
A Thousand Yearsby StelenasHizzie
Freya tries to save Hayley by creating a spell from scratch and accidentally sending Hayley back in time. What will happen when Hayley meets human Klaus? Find out in A T...
 The Brown-Skin Mate (Mikealson' Family Mate) by prettypettypooh
The Brown-Skin Mate (Mikealson' F...by prettypettypooh
This story is about Tyler cousin coming to a town with spn but little do they know she is the thing that can bring peace between the spn.?!?!! But what happens when the...
Stubborn Love -Klaus by GiBbErZz
Stubborn Love -Klausby Jordyn :D
"It's always been you, Niklaus!" I cried at his retreating back, tears streaming down my pale cheeks. "It was always you." I repeated in a whisper...
The Gifted Mikaelson by pennyana
The Gifted Mikaelsonby pennyana
I bet you wouldn't of thought The Almighty Niklaus Mikaelson had another child right? Well he does and this is her story. Alexis Mikaelson is her name. She's a thirteen...
Klaus and Rebekah - Your Brother or Your Lover? by angelharness22
Klaus and Rebekah - Your Brother o...by A.M
This is sort of an incest story but not really cause their not related by blood, if you don't like it exit now, I have warned you. Klaus and Rebekah are the original va...
Reborn Into "The Originals" by Min_Mingii
Reborn Into "The Originals"by Min_Mingii
Every Human is scared of Death. It is like instinctual written in their gene codes but still in the back of their minds they have accepted that yes one day they are goin...
something else ||bxb|| Sirius the jaeger  by 1_universal_geek
something else ||bxb|| Sirius the...by timothy
okay *inhales* Hi! is tim again if new then welcome to my story i am on a quest to spread bxb fanfiction of adored anime boys this is a BxB no like? NO READ simple It...
The Lost Twin by Marvel_B1tch47
The Lost Twinby Marvel_B1tch47
Have you ever heard of Ebony Rose Mikaelson? Probably not because her mother Ester sent her away after she was born. When Mikeal left Ester she went to a pub and met Ans...
The Original Family by YellowGemeni
The Original Familyby Yellow Flower
This is a squeal to "Daddy little Angel" This will start off where Mary Elizabeth returns to Mystic Falls . But what will happen when all The Originals are awa...
Time In A Bottle by irishsnowflakeluv
Time In A Bottleby Bella White
Book Four ___________ ___________ May 10, 1994 was the day she was stuck in. She doesn't know why she was even here but she wanted out. She wasn't alone, but that didn't...
Long lost Mikaelson (The Originals and TVD fanfiction) OH HOLD by Ffionjade
Long lost Mikaelson (The Originals...by Ffion
What happens when Henrik's twin sister comes back from the dead. And what is her secret, and why is it so important to keep it a secret? I suck at descriptions... Any w...
My Dark Path (Elijah Mikealson) by FictionLogic
My Dark Path (Elijah Mikealson)by FictionLogic
In year 1500 a strong line of witches who could control dark magic were murdered by the originals. At least that's what they believed because one young teen by the name...
y/n Salvatore (Avengers X TVD) by wolfstarjegulus4ever
y/n Salvatore (Avengers X TVD)by wolfstarjegulus4ever
(IM SORRY I HAD ANOTHER STORY IDEA I SWEAR THIS IS THE LAST ONE FOR NOW) The Avengers have been sent out to find, capture and question a murderer. But why haven't the po...
Tombooby Melody_innit
Basically a GODINNIT thing cause I got some inspo from another writer. The GODINNIT doesn't come until later tho. But my inspo book, check it out. it's real good. it's c...
💐SPRING GARDEN! ━━ cj themeshop. by hanagorudo
💐SPRING GARDEN! ━━ cj themeshop.by Hana
candy jem profile themes!!! request today!
Found love (Klayley Fanfic) by theoriginalsfanfics
Found love (Klayley Fanfic)by theoriginalsfanfics
Hayley Marshall is on a Island with her Parents and their pack, but Hayley no longer wants to stay on the Island, so she tries to escape, just she succeed? Niklaus Mikea...