Mikkelsen Stories

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The great dane by canderson2001
The great daneby Andersclai1066
Sara Evans is a normal 19 year old girl after she gets a birthday present of a trip to Toronto the person who she meets on the plane there changes her life
Behind the Scene by JaneEyre47
Behind the Sceneby Abigail
Reed Morgan is just trying to live her simple life in a busy city when her childhood friend and director, Sawyer, lands her a job working along side Mads Mikkelsen, the...
Hannibal and Michelle  by emma-Kenobi
Hannibal and Michelle by Em Butler
Even after living in America for 15 years, Michelle Østergaard still felt like an outsider. She was proud of her Danish background but it wasn't the sort of place othe...
No Last Words by GhostlyReadings
No Last Wordsby Ghostly Readings
• First of the mod wars • Pan had gone for the past few weeks, ever since this started, living on the move. Her ability- she could never use it. And that was the truth...
Quotes by VioletD63
Quotesby Johnny Depp
Quotes from different celebrities and other random ones I found. Updates are slow.
un amor destructivo by ninialaperez
un amor destructivoby Niniala dreams
fanfic basado en la pelicula charlie countryman nigel y gabi
Say Goodnight Before You Leave by BeesAndOtherAngels
Say Goodnight Before You Leaveby Banana in PJs
Maysilee never had the happiest recollection from her youth, but from falling hopelessly in love with a Danish boy to gathering the pieces of her crushed heart and movin...
Unexpecting birthday with Mads Mikkelsen by Lois28th
Unexpecting birthday with Mads Mik...by Lois28th
Charlotte just turned 30 and decided to celebrate by her own. Unexpectedly she meets a very intriguing man who seems to be a famous actor. Luckily for her she doesn't re...
Another love story (Mads Mikkelsen) by kallen1993
Another love story (Mads Mikkelsen)by Kirsty
Sophie's life was perfectly organised: she had her ideal job, a loving family, apartment in the city. When she bumps into Mads Mikkelsen everything changes. Her quiet li...
Affaire de Cœur by ClaytonNicole
Affaire de Cœurby C.C. Clayton & Dynasty Nicole
Rachel Tiffany Williams and Alice Giselle Silivasi were the most inseparable of friends; so inseparable in fact, that they followed one another from their artistic cours...
A True Gentleman [CURRENTLY EDITING] by MissIronLadyIW
A True Gentleman [CURRENTLY EDITIN...by MissIronLadyIW
Despite being engaged to a devilishly handsome billionaire, Diana was getting tired of her tumultuous relationship with her fiance, Jesse Pearson Smith. She was tired of...
Forbidden Embrace (TVD/Originals FANFIC) by AHopeMoore
Forbidden Embrace (TVD/Originals F...by Amanda Hope
Sonya Forbes came into Mystic Falls for one reason: to reunite with a family she never knew she had. However, when the Originals show up on Mystic Falls doorstep, she fi...
Dinner With Hanninal Lecter (Fanfiction) by ShirleyshiaTaylor
Dinner With Hanninal Lecter (Fanfi...by Lunar_Bee
This is a 10 part series about Noel Skye's encounter with the one and only Hannibal Lecter. What will happen when she meets him?
One Last Night with Hannibal Lecter by ShirleyshiaTaylor
One Last Night with Hannibal Lecterby Lunar_Bee
After Noel found out she's pregnant, she embarks on a new journey seeking peace. However, she's met with a terrible fate where she has to choose life or death. Could the...
Obsessed // Hannibal x reader by sips___tea
Obsessed // Hannibal x readerby sips
Set in the TV show, you are a final year FBI agent in training who is asked to help by Will to help with a case. Hannibal meets you and becomes interested with you. Far...