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The way it's meant to be (Edited Jun. 22 2024) by dragonprincess1996
The way it's meant to be (Edited J...by dragonprincess1996
Three years after the War Hermione has formed a friendship with Andromeda and Narcissa who are always doing things that make Hermione question their sanity she's learned...
Cared For by GirlFromHufflepuff
Cared Forby Totally Hufflepuff
After an outraged Professor McGonagall finds out that 3-year-old Harry Potter is being abused, she ignores Dumbledore's orders and adopts Harry as her own. Cover picture...
The Way It Will Be  by dragonprincess1996
The Way It Will Be by dragonprincess1996
part 2 of The Way It's Meant To Be Aquila is starting on her adventure to create a better world for the friends of her past life and her family in her current life
The Boy Who Lived by drarrycuddles
The Boy Who Livedby drarrycuddles
A Drarry Story and a 'soulmate' story. Set in an AU in which Minerva rescues Harry from the Dursley's after barely eight weeks there and she raises him as her own son. T...
Our Golden Cub: Prongslet by author_spears
Our Golden Cub: Prongsletby Emrys
(UNEDITED) The silence was loud, too loud. You could probably hear a pen drop. Sirius was barely breathing, unable to move his gaze from the dark mark upon Peter's flesh...
Harry's New Guardian (A Snape Mentor/Adopts Harry  Fanfic) Book 1 by JessicaRivera821
Harry's New Guardian (A Snape Ment...by Jessica Rivera
What if, instead of Hagrid giving Harry his letter, Snape is the one who gives it to him? What will Snape think of Harry once he meets him and the Dursleys. Will his p...
Bound by Soul by Bakeku67
Bound by Soulby Pepsi Nerd
Warning! This story contains repeated mentions of self harm, occasional attempted suicide, and Blood. No in depth descriptions, but now you know what you're getting into...
Changing our Mistakes by Asterope1
Changing our Mistakesby Astra
Past is revised, future is revealed; mistakes are made, mistakes are corrected. When future kids arrives at the Great Hall on September 1st 1976. Determined to change th...
The Teacher's Son by A_Stressed_Author
The Teacher's Sonby MK
Harry Potter was an orphan. Dumbledore took him to his uncle and aunt's house. He met McGonagall. It was the only way, he told her. She demanded why he must be raised by...
Liquid Luck [Sirius Black]/editing by maraudersnme
Liquid Luck [Sirius Black]/editingby maraudersnme
"You're the goodest bad girl I've ever met."
Potions Class by SlySlytherin97
Potions Classby SlySlytherin
Prompt 1: SNARRY PAIRING Prompt 2: What if instead of snapping on Harry in his first potions class ever for writing down what Snape is saying, Snape notices this and slo...
How to defeat Voldemort step by step |Regulus Black| by DEaTh220467
How to defeat Voldemort step by st...by Ani
Regulus Black is alive. Regulus Black is married and has children. THIS ISN'T A LOVE STORY. This is how I want the Harry Potter series to be. The action take place the s...
House of Gaunt : Trinity by yander13
House of Gaunt : Trinityby Estella Emerald
Morfin Gaunt wanted an heir and Lucretia Prewett, neé Black, loathed her husband. After a week of lustful affairs, Lucretia got pregnant with triplets. Athanasia Estelle...
Secrets and Moonlight || Professor Lupin by secretthrone1
Secrets and Moonlight || Professor...by secretthrone1
Ella Kierston, Minerva McGonagall's goddaughter, begins her 6th year at Hogwarts as the Wizarding World is on the high alert for the notorious Azkaban escapee, Sirius Bl...
Your eyes can be so cruel  by EsmereldaMidnight
Your eyes can be so cruel by EsmereldaMidnight
Disclaimer: I don't own harry potter or anything affiliated. May contain mature content
Minnie, I love you! by Leto333333333
Minnie, I love you!by Leto333333333
Harry Potter is abused, and when Minerva McGonagall find out about this, she takes action. Is it on time?
MIRACLES by Nc220903
13 year old Faye Potter was running as fast as she could, Dudley and his gang were chasing after her. She was desperate for a miracle to happen and take her away, when s...
Two mouths, one love~ (Mattheo Riddle x Y/n) by m4tth3or1ddl3
Two mouths, one love~ (Mattheo Rid...by His Wife <3
Y/n Massery is a new student at Hogwarts. She has a past and some trauma from it which she can not forget. After a few months of Hogwarts, she gets closer to a boy calle...
Snapped by kurama_63
Snappedby kyūbi no kitsune
Author TheFeistyRogue Status 13 Chapters - Completed "Scared Potter?" Malfoy sneered, and Harry snapped. He was done, finished, fed up with playing the innoce...
DELICATE  |  ginny weasley by -estesfolklore
DELICATE | ginny weasleyby liz <3
"is it cool that i said all that? is it chill that you're in my head? 'cause i know that it's d e l i c a t e..." Ginny Weasley is a firecracker, and Aoif...