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"Don't leave me" by Spreaddbooks
"Don't leave me"by Bookss
This story is my favorite so far. I won't spoil too mutch, only that Yaren will take revenge and it goes different than she expected ..... Enjoy reading:)
Reyyan and Miran... a story of love and hate by RitaArcher
Reyyan and Miran... a story of lov...by Rita Archer
This is a fanfiction story, about what could happen in Hercai, the amazing Turkish show. Please note, I don't own the characters nor the pictures, and these scenes are n...
And in love, We fall by queenofhearts100
And in love, We fallby Zozo
Hercai AU What if luck was on Reyyan's side, and she found out about Miran Aslanbey's true colours before the wedding? What will she do? Will she confront him, or give h...
Find you by marthpaloma
Find youby 𝓅𝒶𝓁𝑜𝓂𝒶
Collection of Reymir Oneshots/Missing scenes
hercai by Aaeina
hercaiby aiena
story after miran left reyaan at the hut after the wedding night where reyaan try to kill herself and azize saved her just for throw her(reyaan) in city square I don...
,,Because I love you." by queen_of_fun
,,Because I love you."by Olivera💝
This is a fanfiction story where I am gonna write about Hercai couple, Reymir. I will edit and repair series from the very start and here write my version of it. It all...
The Ruby Eyes of Affection by JessabellStories
The Ruby Eyes of Affectionby Alyssa
Already read by many fans on deviantart and fanfiction.net, this complex sonadow fanfiction features some interesting takes on Mobian culture and religion. Expect slight...
Alpha Miran  by Nadine510155
Alpha Miran by Nadine2001
Hello little one, hello can you hear me (why can't I answer and where i am, where is mom, did she really leave me?) Hey little one why are you panicking I won't hurt yo...
Change Your Mind by marthpaloma
Change Your Mindby 𝓅𝒶𝓁𝑜𝓂𝒶
And if the wind were to blow just then, softly but with enough vigor to take with it the pieces he left behind, would he be able to endure the gust of it as it finished...
The Girl with the Blue Umbrella ✔️ by iram_95
The Girl with the Blue Umbrella ✔️by Iram Khan
" Breaking news! There was a blast in the streets at the mid-night. The forensic doctors confirmed the marks of bullets on the body parts too. It seemed that those...
Hercai  by lostinwonderrr
Hercai by lostinwonderrr
Pictures and lists of my favorite episodes/scenes There is no order to the pictures. I randomly upload them when I find them
Just a Simple Crush by belindalaker
Just a Simple Crushby belindalaker
"Yah, why do you keep on following me?" "Because I like you" Living in Seoul for 3 years now has Miran wondering what she has been doing her whole li...
Decepción :( by YeniferMamani379
Decepción :(by Yenifer MS
Me enamore del mejor amigo de mi ex... mejor dicho me ilusione
Without You by darksome_light
Without Youby Tuğçe
We all remember the scene when Miran was half-dead lying in that pit and Reyyan was going to the swing in a state of trance. She didn't utter a word but she certainly fe...
Sudaki Aksimiz by BelitWonny
Sudaki Aksimizby BelitWonny
Beni bilmediğim o zamanlara götür ve tut elimden Kaybettiğim ruhumu bırak ellerime Ellerini ver bana En yakın dostum Ruhumun kapısı
Hercai stories by MayhamHail
Hercai storiesby May H
Between episodes that left us with thousands of ideas we wanted so see come true and imaginary endings both happy and sad that keep playing in our minds, these stories c...
First witness of our Love by darksome_light
First witness of our Loveby Tuğçe
i wished to see a scene like this in Hercai where Miran tells Reyyan how he felt when he met her for the very first time. so i wrote it myself. i hope you'll enjoy readi...