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Wrong Number||William Nylander  by abbyforyall
Wrong Number||William Nylander by abbyforyall
When Maia Richardson accidentally texts the wrong number things get pretty interested
ice girl / auston matthews by nhlmatthews
ice girl / auston matthewsby nhlmatthews
the one where nhl superstar auston matthews tripping the cute ice girl is a miracle in disguise for both of them, even despite the sprained ankle that comes with it. [lo...
WRITTEN IN THE STARS ִ ࣪𖤐 heart-strings1
In a world where love once seemed eternal, Blaire Moore and Trevor Zegras were the epitome of a fairy tale romance. They were the couple everyone envied, destined to be...
Ice Breaker - Mitch Marner (2019) by elitt05
Ice Breaker - Mitch Marner (2019)by elitt05
"You know. I never expected you to like me." He smirked. "What do you mean? Why wouldn't I?" "It took me a while to break the ice."
hockey dating headcanons by leafsbabe
hockey dating headcanonsby leafsbabe
this book is a collection of headcanons about what i think hockey players would be like as boyfriends
faded || william nylander  by luvelyjimin
faded || william nylander by MY UNIVERSE
a single parent raising a kid whose father doesn't know she exists is very hard. [completed & edited] © luvelyjimin 2017
Hockey Imagines by bhoff06
Hockey Imaginesby b r y n
Imagines about college, NHL, all hockey players!! Let me know if you want anyone added ❤️ Currently includes Jack Hughes, Trevor Zegras, Alex Turcotte, Sidney Crosby, Ca...
Everything New | Hughes Sister by huggybearhughes
Everything New | Hughes Sisterby Huggy Bear
Ava is the sister of the Hughes brothers. She's the only girl and the youngest. Being the only girl her brothers pushed her to the side a lot. They were never he bigges...
Memories Faded: Mitch Marner by Kk_lmao_1995
Memories Faded: Mitch Marnerby Kk_lmao_1995
"Quick question." "What is it?" "Do you ever miss me?" "Yes, of course I do." "I mean truly, aching at the bottom of your he...
elevator, leon draisaitl by whore4blackfamily
elevator, leon draisaitlby 𝘴ophie
imagine the horror of leon draisaitl when he finds out he was stuck in an elevator with a tkachuk [social media & real life]
𝑵𝑯𝑳 𝑰𝑴𝑨𝑮𝑰𝑵𝑬𝑺 by luvdevers
𝑹𝑬𝑸𝑼𝑬𝑺𝑻𝑺 𝑪𝑳𝑶𝑺𝑬𝑫 i love hockey boys. i love writing. you do the math. important: - not affiliated with the nhl or any of its players - photos are not mine u...
Hockey One Shots by yourA_THOT
Hockey One Shotsby UrMomsHOTT
I will be taking requests because I can never think of anything ever but yeah. I hope you enjoy these one shots. NO SMUT!!!!
-hughes/nhl imagines- by hoe4deadric
-hughes/nhl imagines-by 🐍💚
the hughes brothers and other hot nhl player imagines and smuts. i am NOT a puck bunny these guys are just very attractive.
nhl imagines  by makenzie3s
nhl imagines by makenzie
Imagines of your favorite hockey players! You may request an Instagram imagine for your favorite player! Just comment what you'd like!
Bad Choices || Auston Matthews by loserxwithxdreams
Bad Choices || Auston Matthewsby Bri
A girl who can never make the right choice
in the a.m.  by clark_after_dark
in the a.m. by clark
after maggie hits hard time raising her twin girls, her brother, mitch, offers his home for the girls to stay. moving to toronto, maggie & the twins start living a diffe...
We Found Love || Mitch Marner by neajessica
We Found Love || Mitch Marnerby ♡nea♡
"Holy shit was that Sidney Crosby? wait are you dating Crosby??" he asks in shock. I almost choke in my beer. "Oh god no! I'm his sister." I laugh...
stay » mitch marner✔️ by tr2626
stay » mitch marner✔️by t r i n♡
"Please, can you just stay?" [toronto maple leafs] [mitch marner] © tr2626 • not edited •
Only you; Jack Hughes by I_WRITE_ANYTHING
Only you; Jack Hughesby I_WRITE_ANYTHING
Annabella Brodeur, well Ava. Yep, the daughter of the one and only Martin Brodeur. With a child's whole life growing up with hockey players, isn't she bound to meet even...