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Soulmates by DivergentAnnLiberty
Soulmatesby Ann Liberty
Divergent fanfic - Soulmates A/U - Four/Tobias x Tris x Eric: Some people in Divergent's Chicago are born with soulmarks, tattoo-like birthmarks that say the first words...
Unholy by yourpriincess
Unholyby babygirl
In the future, the things that go bump in the night don't stay only in the dark. Now, humans don't run the world or make the decisions anymore. ** 18+ readers only. Par...
Didn't Mean It by yeezuswalks
Didn't Mean Itby 🐄💕
Why am I such a fool? I can't stop myself from loving you. And countless nights I've cried for you, Just because my feelings are true. You're up and down, Your feelings...
A Rare Kind Of Love  by stacyyy16
A Rare Kind Of Love by Stacy
Kaela is a hard working girl she has strived and worked hard her entire life because only thing she can count on is her brain because she is in full control of that but...
My Husband and My Mate by Lynda79
My Husband and My Mateby Lynda Jaeger
Victoria believed she had the perfect life. A loving husband and two beautiful children, it couldn't get better than this. At least, until the night of the attack. Micha...
short stories....i guess😐 by JalayahJackson
short stories....i guess😐by pastel psycho
Heres everyone (soon to be favorite) short stories erotic or not. I hope you all enjoy puh eace.
The Alpha's Bad Boys | boyxboyxgirl ✎ by its_just_a_lovestory
The Alpha's Bad Boys | its_just_a_lovestory
Ezra Harland, dubbed as the ultimate ladies man and the suave player who breaks girls' hearts left and right, is off to college. His bad boy ways, timely quips, sweet as...
This Bitch Bites Back by LaceyWhickham
This Bitch Bites Backby Lacey Whickham
When a lone, injured vampire appears on June Miller's doorstep, she is honour-bound not to help him. But when she tries to turn her back on him, something draws her back...
Split Second  by CuttaDixon
Split Second by Cutta Dixon
When you life's on the line your will to live better be strong. M1 take you on a fast ride with him through Miami streets and show you how to react in split second situa...
The Fantasy by SpillingInkwithLove
The Fantasyby SpillingInkwithLove
Being an the art director for one of the most popular galleries in Los Angeles, Ashley Wagner had worked twelve hour days all week. It was Friday night and all she wa...
The Ugly Duckling #VisualRetelling #TUD #OddDuck #TheUglyDuckling #M/M/F by AthenaShakespeare
The Ugly Duckling AthenaShakespeare
***FREE STORY***This multimedia retelling of 'The Ugly Duckling' has bonus material; an English translation of the original fairy tale published by Hans Christian Anders...
Ex Redux by PollyConnor
Ex Reduxby Polly Connor
Jimmy's fine - better than fine, he's in love. In love, and loved back, and happy with actress/waitress girlfriend Barley. In truth, he feels a little bit smug - to ha...
Wunscherfüllung by Black-Angel97
Wunscherfüllungby Black-Angel97
Nackt, gefesselt & mit drei weiteren Männern in einem Raum...
What Happened in Princess Park? by TOMMOMARTINI
What Happened in Princess Park?by Sian-Em
There's a lot stories about what went down at Princess Park. No one really knew what happened except Louis, Harry and their girlfriend, Elise. Until she came back. Loui...
Miles Away (Memphis May Fire and Sws) by IHaveNoIdeaWhoUR
Miles Away (Memphis May Fire and IHaveNoIdeaWhoUR
This is how I interpreted the song. So yeah. Enjoy.
Rose by hexpea
Roseby hexpea
Matty has a big plan and you just decide to top it only using words.