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Shang Qinghua's Slowly Sinking Life Boat by Nico1Angel
Shang Qinghua's Slowly Sinking Nico_Di_Angelo
Shang Qinghua is overworked and overwhelmed, feeling like he's on a small lifeboat which is overcrowded, slowly starting to sink. ...
SVSSS React by SweetYume_16
SVSSS Reactby SweetYume_16
Peak Lords, disciples and demos are teleported into a strange room (Cinema room) and are told that they will react to their book. First reaction story
Soft things doesn't last long in the Demon Realm [Moshang]  by Tart_aruga
Soft things doesn't last long in Shitty_Tartaruga
The King of the Northern Desert knows that roughness is the base of the Demon Realm, the key of survival, any other ways only lead you to a certain dead. Mobei-Jun did n...
The Shen Family Not to Be Messed With! by LunaSaysMoneyIsBest
The Shen Family Not to Be Messed LunaSaysMoneyIsBest
When Shen Jiu met Shen Yuan Everything immediatly felt long as Shen Yuan was near then they got married and everything was perfect but not right it was not ri...
Forgiveness We Owe Each Other by LunaSaysMoneyIsBest
Forgiveness We Owe Each Otherby LunaSaysMoneyIsBest
When Shen Jiu and Luo Binghe Eyes met at the Cafe. They remembered everything...and more I was bought the Scum Villian Self Saving System for my birthday so here ya go. ...