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Knowing Noah by jcbbrsmith
Knowing Noahby C.C. Smith
Determined to run away from her failed marriage, Cartier Davenport, finds herself escaping failure by secluding herself in a seaside village hidden away in the rolling h...
The Choice to Love  by TheCountryOfMalaysia
The Choice to Love by Malaysia
This is a submission for the #ModernLove Writing Contest. Written: August 10th, 2021
Fairy Tale (#ModernLove Writing Contest Winner) by MorrighansMuse
Fairy Tale (#ModernLove Writing Liz
I grew up believing my Prince Charming and I would ride into the sunset and live happily ever after. But that was before I read Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Merm...
Love Every Part #ModernLoveContest by Zoe_Blessing
Love Every Part #ModernLoveContestby Zoe Blessing
There's no peace when your life is spent trying to earn love, doing what's expected of you instead of what you really want. Love should be unconditional, but too often w...
Modern Love Contest Submission by wolfstarkisses
Modern Love Contest Submissionby always&forever
Why do we love love, and chase for it so heedlessly, despite stumbles and trips and falls, we're still running, arms open for love to jump into our embrace.
Rules by TheSuperheroQueen
Rulesby TheSuperheroQueen
Don't be afraid of love, sex, or intimacy. Learn more about me, TheSuperQueen, and about my rules involving love and how I created these rules. May what you learn here...
THE SECRET OF LIFE by Averystutters
In a world of wickedness, Stella believes there is nothing like love. Born into a loveless but wealthy family She thinks that all that is need to survive is money, inte...
Flower Girl ~Revisions~ by Naturegirl4567
Flower Girl ~Revisions~by Sapphire Wilson
Diana Winters She's not really a goody-two-shoes nor is she a bad girl but she is both. She is like a flower beautiful and sweet one moment then the next something that...
Virgin Love by love3214aq
Virgin Loveby Joy Bring Life
When you Love with Pure Heart.
Daddy, I love you. by princaaaaay
Daddy, I love Princy A.
Sometimes I wished he never left, but maybe if he didn't I wouldn't appreciate his presence this much. Based on my own experience. * Submission for the #ModernLove Writi...
Unrequited love between You and I by CallaLilyRose
Unrequited love between You and Iby Royal_Queen
Love is a dangerous game to play. Mostly if your playing with relationships,emotions and betrayal. My love was all three but not in that order.
Like by kmt292
Likeby kmt292
Clumsy thumbs and the panic that ensues. A #ModernLoveContest short story.
Forever and Never by Narrans
Forever and Neverby Narrans
A simple writing for the Modern Love Contest answering, "what is love." This is a true account of events.
Modern Love by Aria_Blossom
Modern Loveby Aria_Blossom
Modern love is more than just boy meets girl, girl meets girl or boy meets boy. In this day and age, society is competing with unrealistic expectations. Despite how many...
A love gone wrong by Hlt1958
A love gone wrongby H. Taylor
An explination of my 16 year on and off relationship with my former boyfriend
Modern Love - A Short Story by arelisaaa
Modern Love - A Short Storyby misformorales
Love has many shapes and forms. Lily's short story is one of many different ways love can take form. #ModernLoveContest
modern love by chloexoxmirasole
modern loveby chloe
this is my intake of what the term 'love' really means in my eyes. some may think love is a source for disaster and heartbreak but some may believe love is what opens do...
Love on the Air by KallieAndrews16
Love on the Airby Kallie Andrews
Cassidy and Jamie were cohosts on Love on the Air a timeless classic dating reality show.
love as seen by a mentally ill person by snai1she11
love as seen by a mentally ill call me lars
this is my submission for the modern love contest and it attempts to go into the discussion of self love with several competing mental health issues that can make you fe...
boys by lian_booker
boysby Luc S.
two boys, one emotion.