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Monty x Sundrop (DISCONTINUED) by SefanniMaetinez123
Monty x Sundrop (DISCONTINUED)by C.C.MEX
As the daycare was being rebuild/remodel, moondrop was gonna get a new co-worker because he was struggling to take care of the kids alone. When sundrop was finished bein...
The Fool Jingles his bells Miserably [ discontinued ] by nagitoscockofhope
The Fool Jingles his bells arlo !!
Raindrops by funtime66613
Raindropsby Mia Glitch
Sun x Monty yall!! Addition of DJ Music man X Moon! Hehe🤭 (There is now a 2nd book that I am working on! Once I start it I will add the title here!!) Book 2: The Lunar...
The Lunar eclipse by funtime66613
The Lunar eclipseby Mia Glitch
BOOK 2 OF RAINDROPS!!! If you haven't read book 1 "Raindrops" then go read it before this one! enjoy!
Power Outlet by bxbioix
Power Outletby bxbioix
What happend when the big aggressive gator that scares the little kids ends up locked up in the day care area with alot of kids and the day care attended. The gator onl...