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Sun x Moon !Oneshots! (SMUT) by my_headhurts
Sun x Moon !Oneshots! (SMUT)by Daniel
So, I've seen a lot of fanfics with these guys and wanted to throw in one of my own! For the sake and sanity of this, they'll be separate robots. (I have an idea for whe...
30 day smut challenge [Not continuing] by MO0NDR0PaB0TT0M2
30 day smut challenge [Not Ranye/Raylen
Soo it a 30 day smut challenge and it Top Sun x Bottom Moon because I don't see a lot (sorry to the people who see them as a switch couple or top moon x bottom sun only...
☀️Sundrop and Moondrop🌑oneshots! by amyyord12
☀️Sundrop and Moondrop🌑oneshots!by Connie<3
I've been really into security breach lately and I thought these two were adorable, so why not write a book? ⚠️Will have smut and lemon⚠️
☀ Sundrop x Moondrop 🌑 by SunDaycareAttendant
☀ Sundrop x Moondrop 🌑by Sundrop
Sundrop got door- I don't ship these two together but I think I might change my mind from all the books I've seen- If you don't like this ship then I suggest you leave...
There's two of us now!? (Sundrop x Moondrop or whatever ) by imfoodokay
There's two of us now!? (Sundrop imfoodokay
(Cover is not mine!) So I'll been seeing a lot of Sundrop x Moondrop stories and well I wanted to do my own...😗 btw this timeline Sun and Moon have their own bodies ( a...
Sun x Stipper Moon smut oneshot book by MO0NDR0PaB0TT0M2
Sun x Stipper Moon smut oneshot Ranye/Raylen
Yes. That is my dog as the picture of this book lol
MegaPlex Tales //Security Breach Human AU// by -UrLocalFNaFNerd-
MegaPlex Tales //Security Breach Dark/Iz
The year is 20XX, and the mysterious Mr.Schmidt opened the Freddy Fazbear Mega Pizzaplex and now years later it's a great success. Mr. Schmidt is making millions and mul...
Reusable Flashlight [Wall-e Au] by IAmNotKnowm
Reusable Flashlight [Wall-e Au]by Anonymous
Pollution has done numbers to the environment, the planet is dying, and humans... Attempts have been made to salvage their way of life, all in vain. And so they up and l...
Breaking point- by Closet7_TV
Breaking point-by +Dirt+Core+
Tiktok user daialune the grump character x the sunshine isn't everones cup of tea for some the grump character acting all I guess gr...
•-Sundrop & Moondrop-•[Human AU] by _EclipsDemon_
•-Sundrop & Moondrop-•[Human AU]by -DemonBoi-
A random cute story of our lovely daycare workers :)
the demons priest(moondrop x sundrop) by Itznoahp
the demons priest(moondrop x
so the last story sucks 😅 so I create this new story and I hope you guys like it! the information will be in the story(or maybe not) well im so sorry if theres any miss...
Lights Out by zeraunchi
Lights Outby Zera
He was frustrated, he shouldn't be afraid of the dark. He's not a child. His vision became blurry as tears pooled in his eyes. Biting his lip he tried to hold back the t...
Goodnight my Starlight. by zeraunchi
Goodnight my Zera
[Sundrop x Moondrop] Sun and Moon had a Rough day working at the daycare and now all they want to do is go to sleep, but there's one problem. Moon can't seem to fall asl...
Sunsets and Moonrises by springtrap7777
Sunsets and Moonrisesby Springles777
Sun x Moon story. hello, I'm alive, what a surprise! ik I have multiple stories that I should finish but I feel burnt out by them, and I've fallen out of the Fandom soo...
#2 [{Pre-Sequel}-"Rolling applies."- by reapmar
#2 [{Pre-Sequel}-"Rolling reapmar
(Warning ⚠️ Current vision: - Coming soon when full story is then added. (Cover doesn't belong to me along with the rest of the covers unless I say they do. Thank you)
"He's just a Friend!" ☀️Sundrop x Moondrop🌑 by amyyord12
"He's just a Friend!" ☀️Sundrop Connie<3
A story of two animatronics who fall in luv with each other 🫶