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[BOOK 1] [Quick  Wear] Occupied by the blackened boss  by naravitluvs
[BOOK 1] [Quick Wear] Occupied Ririi.
Alternate Title :[快穿]被黑化大佬佔有 Status : Ongoing Author : 红茶叔叔 Ning Shu bound a male god system, and every world worked hard to influence them, but... "Good, don't be...
Please Fix the Story! by Avaleon
Please Fix the Story!by Screaming at an Empty Room
I don't know who I am. I don't know why I'm trapped in this never ending cycle of rebirth. All I know is that I wake up inside the worlds of unfinished stories, with a m...
Another Fate | Rebirth | BxB [Hiatus] by lyghtkio
Another Fate | Rebirth | BxB [ Kioney
Another chance. Another love. Another fate. Imogen started out as a beggar and rose to the top of the Summoners world. He had it all. Success, love and friends. Until h...
Why Is It Always Me! by TaterBitch
Why Is It Always Me!by no ♡
Chae Jiwon is a simple guy just trying to live life as comfortably as possible. Except that fate seems to hate him and makes him miserable, from making him step in dog p...
[BL] Villain's Self-Saving Guide by frisbeeeeeeeeeee
[BL] Villain's Self-Saving Guideby freezy breeze
[BL, QT, MTL, END] Not my story, translation directly from RAW. As the ultimate BOSS in the game, Xie Yan started consciously and died in the game. He was quite unwillin...
Quick Transmigration: Help, something is wrong with the Main leads! by Amazonna09TwoPointO
Quick Transmigration: Help, Ivy Salvador
In a world where the demands of life had consumed her, a young girl named Li Weiwei tragically succumbed to the relentless pressure of overworking. But in her final mome...
System: Cutie is Chaotic [PAUSED] by alan_home
System: Cutie is Chaotic [PAUSED]by alan
Jwa Dong-min died because of a bank robbery and he revived into a white blank space. . . . System: [System 'Lives' greets thee (o゜▽゜)o☆] Dong-min: ... . . . Male of 1st...
Little Expert Bending Back Plot Lines[掰正剧情小能手(快穿)] by granma_mushroom
Little Expert Bending Back Plot Centre of Edonies
In an era where a variety of male and female supporting leads, villains, and cannon fodders made face-slapping counterattacks against the male leads, the Lord System had...
Who R U? (Krew X Dsmp) part 2 is compete! by IdkAnIdcSoByeeeee
Who R U? (Krew X Dsmp) part 2 is IdkAnIdcSoByeeeee
Disclaimer: I did not draw art so credit to Artist I just found it on Pinterest I've finished with part two and now you get a bunch of sequels! After a long hard fought...
"My Transmigrated Cultivator Wife" (1) by GraysheildF
"My Transmigrated Cultivator Wife" Graysheil dela Fuente
Warning : "THE STORY IS NOT MINE". You may find it @MTL. Just saving it here so I can minimize the use of my datas for my reading at leisure time. Thank you...
Change Their Fate System (DISCONTINUED) by YAOIToRead
Change Their Fate System ( -M-
Lee Taemin , a 21 year old man, suddenly died and gets thrown into different worlds to..Change someone's Fate? Taemin has grown up kind of emotionless, but not completel...
The Product is Faulty, Please Give Refund by SnickeringFox
The Product is Faulty, Please Snickering Fox
Reincarnated into a story. Whether it was manga, novel, or game. If you are the villain/villainess, there's a 90% chance the capture targets become attracted to you. I...
Accidental Counterattacks of A Young Miss by TigerAkemi1
Accidental Counterattacks of A TigerAkemi1
___________________________________ She is a Young Miss that has been given a new life to live... and maybe love... ___________________________________ I can accept tran...
(Old Revision) Bluest Realities' Anthropology: Twisting Reality And Time by LykhosRegula
(Old Revision) Bluest Realities' Lykhōntjor Rāyokuēlus
(This Is The Old Draft Version: Characters And Story Elements Has Been Changed) [Reader discretion advised: There'll be usage of mature language. There's currently a we...
10,000 Year System by shesfab
10,000 Year Systemby 死
[BL] Tiu Zhelan is a girl who had given up on life. At just a mere age of 16, she grabbed a blade and slit her wrists, blood flowed just like her consciousness getting l...
Unreal Drealism by RayTheWierdo
Unreal Drealismby RayRay
This story is my first, so it may not be the best...but good luck! Your gonna be reading the story of a girl names Serarune Crystal. This story is a fantasy story, I hop...
The Merchant by Debreez
The Merchantby Debreez
If you had the power to buy, sell, and trade almost anything, what would you do? Story has a slow start so sorry
Hello, Goodbye.. by lEsmerayl
Hello, Esmeray
There are times, When I feel your presence by my side. There are times, When I hear you say it'll be alright. -Chán Juãn No matter how much time, There is in this li...
People From 6 Different Worlds Entirely by saviorsays
People From 6 Different Worlds saviorsays
What's the first thing you'd do when 6 portals magically pop up in your house? You'd probably get the nearest weapon in hand, or run out the door. Maybe you'd scream and...
Why did I have to read so many reincarnation and transmigration novels!? by Aliciagraceher
Why did I have to read so many Alicia Grace
The unfortunate Alice gets pulled into multiple worlds as a supporting female character with no great benefits until after completing enough missions. System: "I wi...