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Brothers (Part 1) by writer_jennylee
Brothers (Part 1)by Jenny Lee
A NANBAKA FANFIC!! Y/N - Number 33 Building 13, Cell 13 Gender: Female Age: 7 Life before Prison: Was abused by family in many ways. Crime: Got fed up and murdered most...
Nanbaka Fanfic: The Quiet One by Zecha13
Nanbaka Fanfic: The Quiet Oneby Zecha
Highest rank= #1 in nanbaka(2/28/2020) No.1318, a girl that murdered scientist, auctioneer, and massacered a family, her motive is yet to be known Despite her crime she...
Why would a dead girl Lie?  Nanbaka X Reader by xXMeko_MailXx
Why would a dead girl Lie? M3K0
*WARNING HAS SWEARING* A girl named (F/n) who was the sister of Hajime and Hitoshi Sugoroku. She was energetic and sweet, until she died. Hajime and Hitoshi were broken...
Number 1333 by Yuki-D-Raizel
Number 1333by Yuki-D-Raizel
[UNDER REVISION] What happens if a mysterious prisoner joins the chaotic Cell 13? He is perfect for the Nanba Prison, his name is synonym of terror and cruelty; each tim...
Nanbaka x Male Reader  by DragonTrainer02
Nanbaka x Male Reader by DragonTrainer02
There might be some mistakes or autocorrects here and there. So please don't judge it's too badly, and thank you for the understanding! I hope you like the book still! T...
Prisoner 1399 by HerioKillugonwriter
Prisoner 1399by Noodles (Alt ac)
Killua didn't really know how he got into this predicament, but all he knew was that he had no idea where the hell he was and that there were police officers with guns a...
Nanbaka fanfic: The Twins by Zecha13
Nanbaka fanfic: The Twinsby Zecha
➡Highest rank #1 in nanbaka (12/2/19) Twins with a dreadful past, practically inseperable, both are sent to Nanba Zero an over protective brother to his twin sister who...
Varia's Chained Cloud (Nanbaka x OC x KHR) by al_fluffy1209
Varia's Chained Cloud (Nanbaka x al_fluffy1209
Hibari Akiri, the Cloud Flame user from Varia, Vongola's assassination squad, is sent to Nanbaka Prison for an assassination mission. Her personality is exactly like her...
Locked up Blessings by Ladywhite12
Locked up Blessingsby Ivory Luna
Welcome to Nanba Prison. The world's most formidable prison, where the only way out is to complete your sentence. A remote island floating on the sea somewhere in Japan...
He Actually a She?! by blackwolf2123
He Actually a She?!by Mary Wolf
Number 18 was sent to Nanba Prison before escaping the prison you were currently at. Upon arriving at nanba you get sent to building 13 cell 13. What happens when they f...
Nanbaka x Child Reader by ill_be_watching_you
Nanbaka x Child Readerby ill_be_watching_you
8 year old (y/n) travels to Japan's largest and classified prison. You might wonder why an 8 year old would go to a place that has been said to contain some of the most...
Untameable Angels of Death x Nanbaka by ElectroFire87
Untameable Angels of Death x DeeDerpDiddleyDerp
None of the characters belong to me or my friend. My friend and I made this crossover together |Summary| After the incident in the mental institution Issac Foster is t...
Nanbaka x Shy Reader by NanisayNani
Nanbaka x Shy Readerby NanisayNani
(Y/n) was an innocent young girl who was just plain born unlucky and that unluckiness got her into a lot of trouble even though it mostly wasn't her fault. Although it s...
Brothers (Extras) by writer_jennylee
Brothers (Extras)by Jenny Lee
I had so much fun writing my 'Brothers' Nanbaka fanfic series, I didn't want to stop. So I thought of little extras or shorts. As a reminder, I don't take requests. I ju...
Inmate No.8 by Rinshirosagi
Inmate No.8by Rinshirosagi
[Y/N] Yugi is an apparition, a human and a murderer. She kill a few criminal but she got taken to Nanba prison. In there, she met a lot of people and she's happy about i...
Nanbaka X Reader - Chained Girl of the Night by abbyuniverse
Nanbaka X Reader - Chained Girl abbyuniverse
Hung by chains and wrapped in white the girl is hung to be shown as the new prisoner of Nanbaka prison. she is the most dangerous killer in the world and has been captur...
Nanbaka: Mrs. Gokuu by savanaanimefangirl
Nanbaka: Mrs. Gokuuby savanaanimefangirl
Our story starts off with a flashback of Samon Gokuu meeting his best friend 20 years ago and three years ago became his wife.
Nanbaka's Angel by kraftykitty84
Nanbaka's Angelby Autumn_Angel
This is a story of the first female inmate with a dark past and crazy secrets she holds within her. This is in fact a fanfic so,do tell me how I can make this story bett...
Nanbaka x child reader by erc2109
Nanbaka x child readerby Erc2109
A girl, on ten years old, visit her big brother at the Nanba prison. How will her brother act finding the truth about his sister?
✦1314✦Nanbaka✦Reverse-harem✦ by Puripuriko
✦1314✦Nanbaka✦Reverse-harem✦by Mi-chan
Nanba Prison, the world's most formidable prison, the location is unknown but that is not important. What's important is, inmate number 1314, Sen Michiyo, will now live...