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What if??( the Sharma's version )(slow updates) by s_honey_g
What if??( the Sharma's version )( Annabeth
This is what iff series with os,ts or ss where we will have happy moments, sob,regret, redemption,anguish,vengeance,....etc Feel free to give me senarios and scenes...wi...
Love Redemption  by IA_Ayaat
Love Redemption by আয়াতের আম্মু
After the death of Abhinav Akshara moved on with her ex-husband Abhimanyu Birla. She is all set to tie the knot again with him. She promised to give 100% to the relation...
Love That Never End  by Akshnav_sharma
Love That Never End by Amaya Mathur
What if neil come back and confront Abhimaniyu and manjari and whole goenka as well as birla family for leaving alone his wife and daughter and what if abhinav and Neil...
Together forever  by anishaReddy981
Together forever by ani
another book on akshnav starts when abhir gets lost as he escapes from birla mansion to meet akshnav 2 years later how will he meet akshnav And what if abhinav meets...
Abhinav by BellaBuff
Abhinavby Bella Buff
The story is currently from Abhinav's POV only. It begins from Abhir's custody battle which AkshNav lose.
AkshNav by fans by s_honey_g
AkshNav by fansby Annabeth
Hey guys..... new book called akshnav by fans is OS or TS or FS or SS book but it will be book written by readers who are interested in writing but shy to post or...
TUM BIN by anishaReddy981
TUM BINby ani
it is a book on akshnavir on post abhinav death track don't like what's going on the show will be showing akshara abhinav trauma without involving Abhimanyu then Aksh...
Akshnav : tied to you❣️ by DhvaniMehta0
Akshnav : tied to you❣️by Dhvani Mehta
Another story on akshnav. as I had to finish my recent story so I came back with a new one. This will start from abhinav's birthday track but don't worry no death drama...
AkshNav OS book by MadhuHaasini
AkshNav OS bookby Madhu Haasini
Just random stories of AkshNav that came into my mind
Sister 's Bond  by Akshnav_sharma
Sister 's Bond by Amaya Mathur
This is an three - four shot series in which you will see the bond between the abhira and ruhi . How will ruhi react when she know that abhira is her sister who is last...
Triumph Of Love(on hold till April 12) by s_honey_g
Triumph Of Love(on hold till Annabeth
**Prologue:** In a world where love is both a beacon of hope and a battleground, there existed a tale of courage, resilience, and the unyielding power of the human heart...
Black Widow by TheRoutine
Black Widowby TheRoutine
In silence, she transformed their baseless accusations into undeniable truths. With unwavering determination, she evolved from a mere pawn into the master of her own de...
The Home Coming - An AkshNavIr Story by Rudhitaforever
The Home Coming - An AkshNavIr Rudhitaforever
Akshara and Abhinav, heartbroken due to the court order that prevented them from meeting their son ever, left Goenka House to return to their home at Kasauli. Abhir snuc...
Regrets - Akshara x Abhinav OS by TheRoutine
Regrets - Akshara x Abhinav OSby TheRoutine
Akshara sees Abhinav years after their separation.
Random Shots by IA_Ayaat
Random Shotsby আয়াতের আম্মু
This book will contain different kinds of shots based on whatever readers want to read. So feel free to drop your thoughts. I will try my best to convert it in a beautif...
Aashiyaan by harshitha3shivika
Aashiyaanby Harshitha Sripathi
Hey! A small story on the recent track of yrkkh. The story will start post the court verdict and abhir going to Birla house. Although Abhir is sad about Akshnav words, h...
SHARED SECRETS by harshitha3shivika
SHARED SECRETSby Harshitha Sripathi
The story starts after sangeet, when Abhinav leaves the function and Akshara confronts him, but Abhinav doesn't say anything. All this is witnessed by Aarohi.... This is...
This is fate-Swaragini by dynamitequeen09
This is fate-Swaraginiby dynamitequeen09
Story starts from the track when Ragini threw swara in river and married laksh.... . . . . . . . peep in to know more😁
Savir And The Lycanthrope's Moon by Dexteritate
Savir And The Lycanthrope's Moonby Dexteritate
"Savir And The Lycanthrope's Moon" is the debut novel for Dexteritate, as well the first book in the Savir series. This story plot follows a young Indian boy (...
Akshnav : His soulmate  by SaishaKhan7
Akshnav : His soulmate by Saisha Khan
It's a akshnav story, it will be little different from the show...