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Protective by erind4
Protectiveby Erin
Credence hates when Graves hurts Newt, so he does something about it, he uses the Obscurial against Graves, he protects Newt. He feels the anger of Graves' betrayal, fee...
Crewt Oneshots by tigerlilycorinne
Crewt Oneshotsby tigerlilycorinne ✌️
Once again with the long oneshots! First kisses, getting togethers, and love confessions, of course. What else would I write? 1. were there clues i didn't see? (5k) Farm...
Could - Crewt by tigerlilycorinne
Could - Crewtby tigerlilycorinne ✌️
Newt finds Credence after the Aurors blasted apart the Obscurus (yes, it's one of those fics), and Credence is having a bit of a hard time with the transition, so to spe...