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Death Girl [Nico di Angelo X Fem!Reader] by kaliko9876
Death Girl [Nico di Angelo X Fem! Depresso Espresso
"An apple a day keeps the doctor away." "Is that why you keep a bag of apples on you?" "Yep!" (F/N) is your average eight-year-old girl...
Nico x Reader One-Shots (PJO) by mocha_13
Nico x Reader One-Shots (PJO)by mocha_13
collection of one shots between you -- the reader -- and Nico Di Angelo
𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐃𝐄𝐀𝐓𝐇 || 𝐧𝐢𝐜𝐨 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 by n-ghtmxre
nico di angelo x reader one-shots! REQUESTS :: closed x genderneutral!reader, unless you request a x female!reader or male!reader one-shot. #1 nicoxreader ( 9 December...
The Thunder and The Shadow- Nico di Angelo x fem!reader by Cucumbermel
The Thunder and The Shadow- Nico Charlotte Smith
I only own the storyline. EVERYTHING ELSE BELONGS TO THE ORIGINAL OWNERS. happy reading and pls don't sue me.
Percy Jackson Preferences and One Shots by IISilverEyesII
Percy Jackson Preferences and Maddie
Percy Jackson preferences and one-shots! Includes PJ and HoO characters. Warning: Feels. Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson (duh) nor Peter Johnson. Neither the pic...
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Chasing the Dark{Nico Di Angelo} by RosettaSteel
Chasing the Dark{Nico Di Angelo}by R.S.
It's amazing how one summer can change someone's life. When your best friend's brother is forced to go on your end-of-the-year camping trip, you soon realize that this s...
Something Special (a Nico di Angelo x Reader fanfic) by afangirlsfanfics
Something Special (a Nico di afangirlsfanfics
(Love story. You x Nico di Angelo. What happens when you fall into the arms of your biggest crush?) He tugs your foot a split second before, and you hurtle towards earth...
Percy Jackson Imagines by SimplyPossible
Percy Jackson Imaginesby Simp
A series of imagines with your favorite PJO/HOO characters. Requests are closed.
PJO/HoO ❈ IMAGINES by Happyion
PJO/HoO ❈ IMAGINESby Hufflepuff Assassin of the Ma...
This book is a collection of fluffy one-shots of the following characters: •Percy Jackson •Leo Valdez •Nico DiAngelo •Jason Grace -Any other characters requested Will up...
Nico di Angelo X Reader Oneshots ✔ by loserbellbees
Nico di Angelo X Reader Oneshots ✔by loserbellbees
Nico di Angelo x Reader One-Shots (Completed) Enjoy my imagines including the son of Hades himself! Please enjoy the glamour of the precious boy himself and my grammar m...
Multifandom stories by XREADERBOOKS
Multifandom storiesby xreaderbooks
A series of one-shots I've written for some of my favorite characters. Make sure to follow me on Tumblr for more @xreaderbooks Includes: Sirius Black Harry Potter Cedr...
This Could be You by SkysTheLimit084
This Could be Youby Skye ☀️
Pjo/hoo male character x reader stories! This will include a series of oneshots and maybe if they get too long short stories. REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!!! ****Rankings**** #1 i...
Lost (Nico Di Angelo X Reader) (DISCONTINUED) by jordynshouse
Lost (Nico Di Angelo X Reader) ( Jordyn
She put her hand on my cheek and came close, our lips inches apart. The tips of our noses brushed against each other. Then, she came in... ^^^ Chapter 10: Here Comes Da...
HoO // Guys x Reader one shots by mocha_13
HoO // Guys x Reader one shotsby mocha_13
Requests open. One-shots between you and the guys in the PJO/HoO series (basically HoO). Various types of one shots, fluffy, sad, etc.
Nico di Angelo x reader by BhavaniSri25
Nico di Angelo x readerby Lavender Brezelle
Just some cute, fluffy and half smut one-shots. Requests are open mostly daughter of Poseidon cuz I am a daughter of Poseidon but I will do others too. Just imagine in t...
NicoxReader Oneshots by WormiiiorTash
NicoxReader Oneshotsby Tasha B
A collection of oneshots for all you Nico Di Angelo fans
The Traitor And The Hero (Nico di Angelo X Fem!Reader) by kaliko9876
The Traitor And The Hero (Nico Depresso Espresso
"The time will come When she turns eleven she must go to the place where her allies shall dwell She must be their enemy in order to save them all But they will neve...
Love Never Dies- Nico di Angelo x Reader Oneshots by afangirlsfanfics
Love Never Dies- Nico di Angelo afangirlsfanfics
A collection of mostly fluffy Nico di Angelo x Reader oneshots :3 Requests are welcome. Happy reading everyone :)
Nico Di Angelo X Female!Reader  by MIGHTY-LLAMACORN
Nico Di Angelo X Female!Reader by Llamacorn17
(Y-N) (L-N) is a demi-god at Camp half-blood. Her and Nico are already best friends and when they start to get closer together, a new relationship blooms.