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The King of Dragons (a httyd fanfiction) by HowToDragonTrain
The King of Dragons (a httyd Whispering Writer
What if hiccup had actually left on toothless the day before his final exam in dragon training? What would happen if he came back to berk? Well, take a look and this w...
𝓨/𝓝 𝓱𝓪𝓭𝓭𝓸𝓬𝓴 (卄ㄒㄒㄚᗪ) by _scaraboose_
𝓨/𝓝 𝓱𝓪𝓭𝓭𝓸𝓬𝓴 (卄ㄒㄒㄚᗪ)by c o o k i e
Y/N haddock had once lived in berk and her father was stoick the vast, chief of berk. They had once gotten lost trying to find a dragon to kill too make there father pro...
We've Found You (ToothlessXFemaleNightFury) by TheSheShifter103
We've Found You ( TheSheShifter103
The people of Berk and many others believe that Toothless is the last Night Fury, but what happens when Hiccup and the gang find another Night Fury by chance? Read and f...
Reader x Toothless (how to train your dragon) Toothless x Reader by Robin_Neko
Reader x Toothless (how to train Jay
Y/n is a night fury. Thought to be the last one of her kind. And then things changed. Y/n met Toothless. And hiccup. And the twins. Life changed into an adventure. In s...
That's a Bit of a Personal Question .|Viggo x Reader|. by ShadeFury
That's a Bit of a Personal ShadeFury
Hiccup, your younger brother, invited you to Dragons Edge to help with the Viggo problem. You had never met him before then, you only heard what your brother told you. Y...
Kny x httyd reader scenarios by Eclipse_333
Kny x httyd reader scenariosby Vaelyn Folkerson
Updates will be infequent as I'm very busy with soccer. Hope you all understand. I will try to update as often as possible though. Some of the scenarios might be written...
Comet Nights (HTTYD Fanfic) by rainphee
Comet Nights (HTTYD Fanfic)by the procrastination queen
Everyone on Berk believes Toothless to be the last Night Fury, the only one of his kind left. But all that changes when a black dragon appears on the island, attacking l...
Love At First Flight: Toothless x Reader |!ADOPTED!| by ArrikkaXDD
Love At First Flight: Toothless Ţəmpəßt
A Nightlight a species of the 'Unholy' offspring of death a Night fury and a Light fury, this is Y/n she is a Nightlight and a very powerful one, she has spent her life...
Come Darkness, Come Light by Here-Comes-A-Regular
Come Darkness, Come Lightby Here-Comes-A-Regular
Also posted on Summary: HTTYD AU - What if Valka and Hiccup had both been taken the night of the raid? This is my take on what could've been.
Dragons - The New Night Fury! Book 1!✔ by DaisyJuke01
Dragons - The New Night Fury! Keira Smith
✔Completed!✔ Whisper is a dark blue, female Night Fury with indigo eyes. She thought she was the last of her kind... until she runs into another Night Fury, wi...
The Lost Soul (Toothless x OC)  -  Completed by ZulukIgnites
The Lost Soul (Toothless x OC) Axel
A young Death Star was with her family for many years until one day her brother and herself went out to fly before they ate. When they came back her family was murdered...
The Queen of Dragons ( Hiccup x OC) by Whitewolf021006
The Queen of Dragons ( Hiccup x OC)by Frankie
When Frankie is carried away from the island of Berk at the age of 10 , she is forced to leave her best friend. But what will happen when she is brought to the lair of t...
The Lost Heir (HTTYD) by Golden_nights1234
The Lost Heir (HTTYD)by Golden Nights
10 Years ago Hiccup ran away from Berk and left without a trace. All of Berk believes that the young boy is dead. What happens when a dragon is shot down carrying a youn...
Hiccup Haddock x Male!Reader (how to train your dragon) by -_UserNotFound_-
Hiccup Haddock x Male!Reader ( ✾ 𝕸𝖆𝖑𝖎𝖈𝖊 ✾
Y/N is an 18 year old who used to live on the island of Berk. He was suddenly lost due to a strong storm that went by at the age of 9. He had met a male Light Fury which...
The Shifter And The Dragon Master (Hiccup x Male Reader) by Zane2343
The Shifter And The Dragon
Y/N is an interesting Viking, he has a secret that involves his past that must be kept hidden. A Strange way to his healer practice. No one on Berk knows, not even Gothi...
The youngest Grimborn by Wolfysstories
The youngest Grimbornby Wolfy
It all starts at the episode of auction heroes. Cause, what if something went wrong? What if Viggo had a younger sister who happened to be friends with dragons. And what...
Trust (Toothless x dragon!Reader) Httyd by -Zinniasky-
Trust (Toothless x dragon!Reader) -Zinniasky-
Found by dragon riders? Check. Night Fury? Check. Purple? Check. Loves a handsome, adorable Night Fury with a human rider? Uh... check. You, a wild and dangerous dragon...
Alone (Hiccup x reader)  by Dramioneforever9246
Alone (Hiccup x reader) by Dramioneforever9246
[DISCONTINUED] Y/n was shunned from her village because she believed Dragons were just misunderstood. Her own father casted her away on a boat, at the age of 13 to nowh...
To Open a Heart (httyd fan fic) by Stardustthelightfury
To Open a Heart (httyd fan fic)by That being from ur nightmares
(Eleven months before the second movie) Toothless must try to earn a injured female Night fury's trust before her wing is healed and she flys away forever. While that sa...
Set Fire to the Rain by amour_venus
Set Fire to the Rainby Venus
After losing her parents when she was a baby and being adopted by the chief, Freya grows up alongside Hiccup Haddock. Her life was uneventful until she goes into the woo...