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The Brother of Thor (OC x MCU) by DEMGSC1920
The Brother of Thor (OC x MCU)by Daniel
In mythology, the Thunder God Thor was know to be the protector of men, being son of the All Father, his brothers Hermod, Tyr, Baldur, Hod, Vidar and Vali... but in trut...
The Heart of a King (The Nine Realms #2) by AerithSage
The Heart of a King (The Nine Alyssa Urbano
At war with a common enemy, alliances had to be formed. And so King Dimitrios Xanthe of the Wolfen blood-bonded Princess Ailara Davriel of the Vampyr. Along with it was...
Changed Fate by _star_shine_2004_
Changed Fateby _star_shine_2004_
A scheming clan, a divorce, and a mortal trial. Bai Feng Jiu returns to Qing Qiu 3000 years after her disappearance, now as a High Goddess, with her trial kept as a secr...
Truths, Lies and Bilgesnipes [Complete] by wedgetail_blue
Truths, Lies and Bilgesnipes [ Alexis J
There are children you can leave unsupervised for an afternoon without courting danger. To Odin's consternation, the two young princes of Asgard are not that kind of chi...
Thor: The Dark World(Book 2) by ScarletWitch19
Thor: The Dark World(Book 2)by ScarletWitch19
In the aftermath of the Battle of New York, fourteen-year-old Kaitlyn Summers has been living in London. After agreeing to take some time off about a year ago, things ha...
Ashes  (MCU/Loki fan fic) by LokisGem
Ashes (MCU/Loki fan fic)by Gem
Shivanaala, flame goddess. (Shiv- uh- nah- luh) Your name meant auspiciousness fire. You were the daughter of Surtr, ruler of Muspelheim. Fire giant. But you weren'...
Magic | Loki x OC by AstroGea
Magic | Loki x OCby AstroGea
Freya finally manages to escape Thanos' tortures and lands in the royal gardens of Asgard, where Frigga and Loki save her life. She is allowed to stay on Asgard by Queen...
GOLD EYES ~ LOKI FANFIC by pandabearrrrrrr
GOLD EYES ~ LOKI FANFICby pandabearrrrrrr
Loki used to care for someone, ever since he was a child people have been calling him freak, but when he meets a girl with the same magic as he has, things changed for h...
The Last God of Asgard (Black Clover x Oc) by Dredagoat03
The Last God of Asgard (Black Dredagoat03
On a peaceful and eventful night on the palace of Asgard. It's people were celebrating with drinking the night away on another peaceful moon of their home creation. With...
All an Illusion - A Loki and Sigyn Story by LAC1940
All an Illusion - A Loki and FantasyandHistory
From the world of Marvel's 'Thor'! Lady Sigyn of Asgard grew up with Thor and Loki, close with both of the brothers, but especially the youngest... Being in love with th...
Life's Requiem {Book 1} by the_art_anthologist
Life's Requiem {Book 1}by The Art Anthologist
{BOOK 1 OF THE INFINITY CHRONICLES} A tale of one of the branched timelines born from the death of He Who Remains... ⚜ What would be the tale of Marvel's Infinity Saga i...
Chosen by Brothers by SpiralQuill
Chosen by Brothersby SpiralQuill
So, the premise of my story is a writing prompt from Reddit - "For the lack of better candidates, someone's parents jokingly name the Norse God Loki as the child's...
Saving Loki by juicydrew27
Saving Lokiby juicydrew27
Loki fan fiction. Goes through all of Loki's movies, but with a twist, his secret lover.
Common Decency by Wordsmith-Rain
Common Decencyby Wordsmith Rain
The answer to 'what comes after death' is rather surprising, to James Vitara, a Mixed French and Scottish Skald and surgeon-professor who died in the Batteries of Sebast...
Nine Realms Story by Bobbyfinn123
Nine Realms Storyby
Tom and Jun get trapped by Buzzsaw and Sledkin, what will happen to them? sorry for all the mistakes I don't know how to spell and might misspell names.
Dragons Nine Realms: Alex the Villain by Titanium300
Dragons Nine Realms: Alex the ThunderStruck24
Throughout and After the events of "Alex not Found" Alex has a major fight with all of the riders, and leaves. Up until she is captured and forced to work with...
Dragons: The Nine Realms (The rewrite) by WhispLIVE
Dragons: The Nine Realms (The WhispLIVE
I've decided to rewrite the ENTIRETY of season 1 of this Show. this is just a way for me to cope with it releasing A 5TH SEASON Also the cover is by Me on my art accoun...
Tales Of Ayakashi by scorpio1215
Tales Of Ayakashiby XiaoXiaoMinMin
"Chaos is at its most terrifying when it is in a controlled state," When Ayakashi Ninetails lost his divinity and fell from the Heaven Realm, many in the Niner...
I Bleed When I Fall by SkadiLokison
I Bleed When I Fallby Skadi
She was a sweet child... and then she fell into Her hands... __________ A goddess, a mortal, and a plan to put a new king on the throne of Asgard... And if it goes wron...
Realm by GuardianKnight1
Realmby Luke J. Williams
In the year 2100, a war erupts between the Nine Realms, with the Aesir, Vanir, and Bright Elves descending on Midgard, turning it into a battleground, indifferent to hum...