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ninjago smut but its just kai by devil-fish
ninjago smut but its just kaiby mentally tormented bastard
y'all already know - Greenflamers Please Fuck Off this is not for you !!!!! - I'm part of the small section of the smut community that can use proper grammar ;) - This w...
I Meant It (Bruiseshipping) by colechr
I Meant It (Bruiseshipping)by colestark
Set between the events of s7 and s8, Jay and Cole are on their hunt for Master Wu. But there was more to that than it sounds. They decide to go to a club for some off t...
Ninjago (lemons) by Chantalle12321
Ninjago (lemons)by Chantalle12321
These stories are smut stories!!! So only read them if you are old enough;) Also I will take requests!!! I will probably mostly only write ships (e.g. Kai x Lloyd)
ninjago oneshots  by XsolDDT
ninjago oneshots by Oliver
Some oneshots I've written.