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Neighbors // YoonMin by TinyYunho
Neighbors // YoonMinby Voldemort-Sunbaenim
Jimin is happy with his life. He's got a boyfriend and an amazing group of friends. His job is everything he could ever ask for and he wouldn't change any of it for the...
Locker // NoMin by TinyYunho
Locker // NoMinby Voldemort-Sunbaenim
As soon as he opened his locker a blue sealed envelope fell out. Jaemin grabbed it and shoved the thing into his pocket, not caring too much.
Under The Bed // NoMin by TinyYunho
Under The Bed // NoMinby Voldemort-Sunbaenim
How would you feel if the monsters under your bed were actually real? //Inspired by the movie 'Little Monsters'\\
A Millionaires Daughter by HalfPrince1000
A Millionaires Daughterby HalfPrince1000
In my mind I feel that there is no way Tony Stark wouldn't have a least one child with the many women he's slept with. This is the story of him meeting his daughter many...
Con Los Latidos De Tu Corazón. by Cami86000
Con Los Latidos De Tu Corazó CamiWriter
Una nave desconocida deja en el interior de la Enterprise una sorpresa inexplicable para sus oficiales al mando... ¿Cómo pasó esto? Participa en el reto de Mayo de Motín...
Lighten Up by PandaCrossiant
Lighten Upby PandaCrossiant
Wellis Alsbrooks can't stay in his apartment anymore. When his ex-wife makes him choose a hard decision, he and his daughter try to get as far way from her as possible...
good boy, blue boy. [boyxboy oc story] by lou-ser
good boy, blue boy. [boyxboy oc ludovic
WARNING: contains heats & alphas/betas/omegas, depression, sexual themes and other blah blah triggering content. No mpreg because I am not intO IT NO THANK YOU. ---- Phy...
Cold of Winter by Piss_Baby_Dream
Cold of Winterby Storm
This is the a backstory on my first Dream and George fic Warmth of Summer. \\\ I will be finally continuing this series! I have many ideas planned for this duo on their...