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Deep Water  ▹ Kol Mikaelson by WaveringLyric94
Deep Water ▹ Kol Mikaelsonby Nanaish
Numinous (adj): being both fearful an awed by what is before you. In other words, when a vampire and an original form an unlikely bond.
Prince Of Hell by werewolf7745
Prince Of Hellby Son Of Stope
Stiles always thought he was a normal human and he always tried his best to keep it that way. He didn't get the bite from Peter, Derek, or Scott. But when the Nogitsun...
The Originals: Forgotten by Lilly-JoElliott
The Originals: Forgottenby Lilly-JoElliott
"I'm Aria Mikaelson, pleasure to meet me I know." She smirked. "Cocky much?" He laughed, eyes shining with amusement. "Oh, very much," Aria...
If You Dont Know by GlitterWriter29
If You Dont Knowby gabby
When a girl wolf is in Heat. what will Klaus do to stop. it what happens when this she wolf fully aggress to mate with him. what happens when this she wolf gives him two...
her past-klaroline fan fic by lovepug06
her past-klaroline fan ficby lovepug06
Caroline has always knew Klaus since she was eight years old when he saved her but when in 1922 they were happy and Klaus and Caroline were in love he compelled Caroline...
Mama Tribrid of New Orleans by TashaAmy1803
Mama Tribrid of New Orleansby Tasha Amy
Four Months Away from my children. I am different, I am changed. I am a Mama tribrid with not little ones and it hurts. But my story continues
Original Wife by JewelDeberry
Original Wifeby JewelDeberry
What if Elijah had a wife. Not just any wife. An original. She is a distance family member in Elena's bloodline. When she comes in town, all hell breaks loose. If you m...
Torn Apart [Mixed Fandom] by HosieMikaelson
Torn Apart [Mixed Fandom]by Hope💓
Chris, Troian, and Danielle are all siblings who never see each other. The three all have different schedules and different things going on in their lives. Chris is marr...
Liaison [Sequel to Captured Hearts] by pastaqueen
Liaison [Sequel to Captured Hearts]by pastaqueen
❝She came back. But not all of her returned.❞ Sequel to Captured Hearts. Bonnie Bennett and Kol Mikaelson. The Vampire Diaries.
NEVERLAND: The War, The Game, & The Blood by WildlifeWarrior91
NEVERLAND: The War, The Game, & WildlifeWarrior91
This story is inspired from the hit TV Shows Once Upon A Time and The Originals. Also I added a little bit of The Vampire Diaries in this story as well :) Clarissa is a...
Hello Again Boys by Katherine101
Hello Again Boysby ♔Mɪss Kᴀᴛʜᴇʀɪɴᴇ♔
For almost 2 centuries , Victoria Salvatore has lived alone , traveling the world . What happens when she gets home sick and decides to return to Mystic Falls ? What if...
Demons (klaus mikealson) (Under Editing) by Fran_Joon
Demons (klaus mikealson) (Under Fran_Joon
naomi bennet is the younger sister of bonnie bennet. she's a natural mind reader and witch. she decides to go to mystic falls to attend the same college as her sister Bo...
The Secret Salvatore Tribrid by Misti_Riddle
The Secret Salvatore Tribridby Misti Ryan
Hi I'm Rosalia Salvatore you may know my Dad Damon Salvatore well when my father was human he fell in love with a Werewolf who came from along line of Witches and Werewo...
"You are a fool, I'll never leave you alone, I promised you always and forever, and I don't break my promises"
The Original Beauty by IsabellePetrova
The Original Beautyby Isabelle
Back in the days when Niklaus and Elijah Mikaelson were human they knew a girl named Tatia Petrova. They were madly in love with her while she had a child with another m...
lucy gilbert by ffionb_xx
lucy gilbertby tvd is bae
not based on any tvd season its all sorta combined elena and damon have not taken the cure, some of the originals are still in town you will find out who, klaus does not...
Legacies by spurthycherry
Legaciesby spurthycherry
This is the story of the children of TVD and TO characters.They all are 16 years old.I may can't answer many questions in this story like how they are born,how they are...
Saving a Weasley's soul by Sa1234ha
Saving a Weasley's soulby
A Hermione and Percy Weasley fanfiction. Pain ... She said .. No I screamed .kill me not him .. Please .. I would rather die then live without him please kill me instead...