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H-E-L-L-O by GeekyGirl_200
H-E-L-L-Oby GeekyGirl_200
There were four rules Never play alone Never play in a graveyard Never take your hands off the board And always say goodbye They were skeptical at first, but they belie...
Scariest Ouija Board Experiences by AsherIshmael
Scariest Ouija Board Experiencesby Asher Ishmael
These are 5 scary ouija board experiences. One of these are mine. Thank you for reading. Shout out for my friend Abagail for showing me this app.
MISS POSSESSED /Selena Gomez Fanfiction by ItsKaterlina
MISS POSSESSED /Selena Gomez Fanfi...by TheRedEyedBrunette
A creepy tale of a beautiful girl who gets caught up with demons. //TRIGGER WARNING// VIOLENCE, GORE, SUICIDAL THOUGHTS (This is not to glorify these awful things.) *P...
Ouija Board    by carriefisher_fan
Ouija Board by morganbrooke
Ed and Lorraine's daughter Judy is tormented by a spirits
The Squeegee Board by ihaveleggz
The Squeegee Boardby iHaveLeggz
A sponge and a bird. Two very different people with two very different lives. One an heir to a family business with a family of his own, and the other a lonely Spanish...
Plz help!!!! by Blue_Author_help
Plz help!!!!by Blue_Author_help
I've been interacting with a ghost named SS
Darkness Rise by Spookyskeletons1
Darkness Riseby Spookyskeletons1
The Johnson family moves into town and everything is good until they move into this one house that has Alot of history..what will happen next?
My Ouija Experience's by Misstris14
My Ouija Experience'sby Misstris14
This is a series of my recent Ouija Experience's, it's also my first book so tell me how i did.
Sleepover by XxKamila
Sleepoverby XxKamila
Three girls decide to have a sleepover over the hallowe'en break. Things go very wrong when one of the girls takes out a oujia board.
Don't Play Alone Nevada by taehyungsfather
Don't Play Alone Nevadaby fuck ass
Nevada Black liked messing with the spirits. She was told not play with the spirits, because you don't know what you gotten yourself into. But one day like always she di...
The Sleepover by stxrryjess
The Sleepoverby Jessamyn
[Rp] A young girl in highschool invites her four best friends to a sleepover. They start doing silly games like Bloody Mary, Light as a Feather, stiff as a board Then o...
The Dreamweaver by adreamcatcherandgirl
The Dreamweaverby adreamcatcherandgirl
Margaret is a sophomore in highschool, she is happy, living a good life until she starts getting these dreams...
Paranoid by Tamaria_S
Paranoidby Tamaria
There were three friends one girl and two boys and one night they played the ouija board and they forgot to say goodbye and when you don't say goodbye you open a world o...
oujia. | 5sos & lm | by Jaiana_Clifford
oujia. | 5sos & lm |by jaiana
" keep telling yourself that it's just a game " in which 9 teenagers thought that this was just a game.
Deathway by DanceDanceHogwarts11
Deathwayby maddox
The soon to be dead and dead I invite you to meet the ghost hunters. They are a bunch of foster children in a haunted town called Deathway. There is Sam, Mia, Nax, Logan...
Ouija board by youdescide
Ouija boardby youdescide
You have always wondered if there was another side to the world. One day you go to a party and suddenly the board is there waiting for you. What happens next?
visitation of the ghost ; brallon by jinagalteni
visitation of the ghost ; brallonby jinagalteni
"patrick?" dallon asked, looking down to it. "dallon, i think we cracked it." he replied, picking up what was inside it. this was just the beginning...
Attempt at the Supernatural  by Deadlinedork12
Attempt at the Supernatural by Deadlinedork12
A group of kids try a summon the ghost of their school but things go great to bad fast when the ghost actually shows up.