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Chaos Walking - Fanfiction by JoannaTorresLuiz
Chaos Walking - Fanfictionby JoannaTorresLuiz
What happens after Todd wakes up? A chaos walking fanfic based on Chaos Walking Trilogy by Patrick Ness. I don't own anything. All credits to Patrick Ness for in...
Chaos Walking Childhood One Shots by acpmga
Chaos Walking Childhood One Shotsby acpmga
A few one-shots of ideas and head cannons that I have about the childhoods of the Chaos Walking characters. I wish we got to learn more about their backstories in the bo...
Bookreview - A monster calls by Superannoyingfangirl
Bookreview - A monster callsby Superannoyingfangirl
Conor has the same dream every night, ever since his mother first fell ill, ever since she started the treatments that don't quite seem to be working. But tonight is dif...
Let Me Back In   by hollanderimagines
Let Me Back In by hollanderimagines
⚠️TAKES PLACE AFTER MONSTERS OF MEN⚠️ *spoilers* I'm obsessed with the Chaos Walking Trilogy and it is by far the best book series I've ever read. Finishing it has left...
The Burden by upwiththefairies
The Burdenby C J Harrison
He lies, Locked in a cage, in a windowless room, where he has always been. But he dreams of something more, he dreams of better things, of light , and warmth, of a bette...
What it feels like to live and love by Cbear_fangirl
What it feels like to live and loveby Cbear_fangirl
A selection of fan fictions, from various fandoms So far: Chaos walking trilogy Teen Wolf
Is Haven our heaven? by JaceIsNaturalBlonde
Is Haven our heaven?by JaceIsNaturalBlonde
Todd and Viola (Chaos walking by Patrick Ness) confess each other's love. Fluff, drama and MAYBE lemons in future chapters. Enjoy ✌
The Crane Wife and the Volcano by alyeska___
The Crane Wife and the Volcanoby alyeska___
this is not my story, it belongs to the great book "The Crane Wife", by the amazing writer Patrick Ness. this story explains the life of one of the main chara...
Life After Chaos: Havoc by FandomTime
Life After Chaos: Havocby FandomTime
Todd Hewitt has been "killed" after an ongoing war twixt various enemies, and very few people are left to pick up the fractured peices, one of who is Viola Ead...