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Pennywise X Reader (A Night To Never Forget)  by strawberry_sadist
Pennywise X Reader (A Night To strawberry_sadist
Warning!!! Smut!!! Lots of it haha. I hope you guys enjoy this story!!! Thanks for reading!!!
Demon Friend [Pennywise fanfiction] by Secret_Void
Demon Friend [Pennywise fanfiction]by Secret Void
Amelia is small young girl who isn't scare of anything. She is too clever for strangers and too brave for mosters. But what happens when she suddenly decided to befriend...
Pennywise x Reader by Mikaraccoon
Pennywise x Readerby Mikaraccoon
You wake up in an unfamiliar place. Your cold, confused and scared. What you didn't know was that someone else has caught onto you, and is hungry for you. As much as you...
IT loves me??? (Pennywide x reader). by nina1168
IT loves me??? (Pennywide x Nina1168
Pennywise falls in love with you after meeting you for the first time In this universe the it movie (the old and new one) do not exists Youdo not live in Derry so you ne...
(On Hiatus - We'll Be Back) I will give up my heart for you - Pennywise x Reader by itachiuchihaforever
(On Hiatus - We'll Be Back) I itachiuchihaforever
That day changed her life forever. That day a little 8 years old girl lost her father, her worst nightmare. That day she found a friend. That day she found love. (Warnin...
Pennywise X Oc: My Litle Raindrop (18+) by kagamiiines
Pennywise X Oc: My Litle kagamiiines
Lily Johnson had the worst childhood imaginable. During the entire time Pennywise was watching her and fell in love with her more and more each day. But what happens whe...
Penny X Reader X Billy by Gwen102
Penny X Reader X Billyby Gwen102
Your name is Y/n L/n and you're 20 yrs old. You live in a place where soulmate tatoo exist. But you have 2 soulmate. Let's see what are those and who are your soulmate.
Fright Night (Pennywise x Male Reader) by jetsetlife138
Fright Night (Pennywise x Male Jetsetlife138
Reader hates gore-filled movies, but Pennywise loves them. Guess who's in charge of movie night?
Bowers gang x reader POLY  by Patrikis_Macivari
Bowers gang x reader POLY by Mar
• Headcanons for Poly relationship between the Bowers gang and the reader. • By "Poly" I mean everyone in the gang dating each other, not just the reader. • I...
The Well House : Pennywise x Reader ( Fanfiction ) by ElectricEmotion
The Well House : Pennywise x 🌹Cløwn Løver🌹
You just recently moved to Derry, looking to start a fresh new life. You're 17 years old and both of your parents died when you were around 16. But, according to Derry...
Who Am I? ( Pennywise X Reader ) by ElectricEmotion
Who Am I? ( Pennywise X Reader )by 🌹Cløwn Løver🌹
A girl named Madeline Lamb is losing everything. Her popularity, her boyfriend, her friends, her dog, her money, and even her family. Where will she go? Who will she mee...
Surprise, bitch! [pennywise x reader] by Therizin
Surprise, bitch! [pennywise x Therizin
DISCONTINUED He's been watching you for months now, never had the chance to get his clawed hands on you. Now he does. "Surprise, bitch!" Discord - https://disc...
Mercy (Pennywise 2017 x Reader) UNFINISHED AND DISCONTINUED by MockingbirdsDontSing
Mercy (Pennywise 2017 x Reader) Peach
[PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS STORY HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED AND WILL NOT BE FINISHED] Please have mercy on me, take it easy on my heart... Life in Derry Maine had its ups and dow...
Pennywise x Reader🎈 by slhiasrawise
Pennywise x Reader🎈by slhiasrawise
Pennywisexreader fanfic Y/N recently moved to Derry, Maine a couple of days ago. She has severe bipolar issues that's out of her control. As she adjusting to her new set...
{ - Human-IT-y - } by MissHoll-E-Socks
{ - Human-IT-y - }by MissHoll-E-Socks
'Something struck him suddenly, a guttural surge that made his eyes flicker. Need... need- NEED-!! A vice-like grip snatched your arm, bringing your frightened (e/c) gaz...
Dream Catcher by fandomnationwhore
Dream Catcherby mood: tired
Having strange dreams about floating red balloons and children in sewers; (Y/n) comes in terms that something strange is happening to her, as nights past and dreams gett...
Pennywise x Reader by NeerooreeN
Pennywise x Readerby Neero
Living in the town of Derry hasn't always been easy. Constant bullying from popular kids who don't know how to back off, random children disappearing, and your family al...
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You'll Float Too by Tsheole_the_01
You'll Float Tooby Junior Tsheole
You are a college student living with your girl best friend who you have a crush on. Life seems good until you encounter an old "friend" from your childhood...