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Peter Stark: Life After Civil War by SnowMione18
Peter Stark: Life After Civil Warby Ravenclaw Princess
Being Tony Starks personal intern wasn't the only big change after Civil War. Suddenly his life flashed before his eyes, and he was now the son of Tony and Pepper Stark...
I'm Not Who I Used To Be by SparkySpidey
I'm Not Who I Used To Beby SparkySpidey
When Peter Stark was a teen he ran away from home. He was a burden to his amazing parents. At least that's what he told himself. Now, in his early twenties, he runs into...
No More Lonely by shewritesall
No More Lonelyby Elizabeth
When Tony finds a young kid alone on the streets of New York, he can't just do nothing. As it turns out, taking Peter in wasn't the worst thing he could do. Just cute l...
The Truth Brings Change  by one_direction_12_
The Truth Brings Change by one_direction_12_
Peter Parker discovers a family secret that changed his life forever. After the truth gets exposed it caused a major change in his life. A good change but with all good...
You're What? by shewritesall
You're What?by Elizabeth
Just a compilation of various scenarios in which Peter's class/Flash discover Peter knows or is related to Tony Stark. The chapters will not be related to each other unl...
Starks Make Sparks  by SpoonOfFlowers
Starks Make Sparks by 💫🌸Rose🎗💗
A 17 year old, a 15 year old, and a 10 year old may not seem as bad to have in a family. Unless their all Starks. Harley Stark, Peter Stark, Morgan Stark are each child...
why not me? | irondad | by veahisupercool
why not me? | irondad |by veah :)
Tony found Peter at a young age. He was just trying to donate to a local orphanage. Tony and Peter automatically connect with each other. Something in peter sparked hap...
Peter Stark Oneshot Collection by theOfficialSandwich
Peter Stark Oneshot Collectionby theOfficialSandwich
Oneshots, Mini Series', Short Stories, Those Little Moments (Drabbles). - Newest Part: Short Story VI: Interrupted - /// On Pause (Again)///
Growing Up by shewritesall
Growing Upby Elizabeth
These are just a bunch of one shots condensed into one book about Peter growing up being raised by Tony Stark. You can read them in order or not. *no longer accepting r...
Spider-Man Oneshots by xxAnxietyAndMarvelxx
Spider-Man Oneshotsby Parley
This is just gonna be a bunch of oneshots of everyone's top priority: spiderman!!
Peter Parker Oneshots by PeterPickedAParker
Peter Parker Oneshotsby PeterPickedAParker
One Shots about Peter Parker. Heavy SpideySon/Irondad Story 1: Rogue Avengers And The Hydra Spider Story 2: Meetings As Mr.Stark, Explain That Story 3: Five pointless ca...
Moved on (Ironstrange/spideypool) [√] by KodaLokison
Moved on (Ironstrange/spideypool) koda
I DONT GIVE PERMISSION FOR MY STORY TO BE POSTED ANYWHERE OTHER THAN WATTPAD, OR REPOSTED BY ANYONE. During civil war tony finds out something important on his way to fa...
Peter Stark Son of Tony Stark|Oneshots by Ditzy_comet
Peter Stark Son of Tony Stark| 𝐵𝑙𝑢𝑒
Peter Parker Stark is the secret son of the billionaire, Tony Stark and his wife, Pepper Stark. Series of Irondad and Spiderson oneshots. Some might be continuations if...
Spider Man 🕷 One Shots by FallenAngel1515
Spider Man 🕷 One Shotsby FallenAngel1515
Scenarios between Peter and the Avengers. ENGLISH IS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE, SORRY FOR GRAMMAR MISTAKES I only write 1 or 2 parts/story. Please don't request for a third...
Superfamily One Shots by BumbleRex
Superfamily One Shotsby BumbleRex
One Shot book! Requests always welcome. Covers: Superfam Irondad/Spiderson Intern!Peter Adopted!Peter Biological Son Field Trips Spiderman Reveals Spid...
Spider-Man one-shots by Blue_wolf5
Spider-Man one-shotsby Blue_wolf5
A bunch of Spider-Man one-shots. If you have an idea/story line you would like, please let me know. requests are welcome. None of the characters are mine.
The Londoner by heckicravedeath
The Londonerby heckicravedeath
Peter Parker just lost his mom at the age of 14. He's never met his father. He's lived in London with his mom his whole life. But now that she's gone, he has to live wit...
Peter Stark: one shots by cawcawmothertrucker
Peter Stark: one shotsby Marvel nerd
Just a bunch of Peter Stark one shots they get better as they go on so feel free to skip the first few. •Irondad (biological and adopted) •Parley (a lot of parley), spi...
Starker one shots! (And some others 😉) by Sentiforce
Starker one shots! (And some Sentiforce
I know this isnt right cause of age differences and stuff. But this is for fun and these ships are cute together! And this has swearing, Gay and lesbian relationships, T...