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Kitten; Fred Weasley by neverlandhiraeth
Kitten; Fred Weasleyby Bella
Catina Lennox didn't stick to stereotypes. In fact, she despised them more than anything, yes she had Slytherin traits but not those since tarnished by those who turned...
James and Oliver Phelps Imagines by _TomatoFace_
James and Oliver Phelps Imaginesby _TomatoFace_
A collection of Phelps Twins imagines for Y/N. If you want to send in a request I will try my best to complete it.
Arrangements | | Fred Weasley  by oliviaxweasley
Arrangements | | Fred Weasley by oliviaxweasley
"I hate your lips, I hate your voice, I hate the way you walk, I hate the way you say my name, I hate your beautiful face, I hate your pretty freckles, I hate your...
James Phelps| One Shots by LovelyRomanoff
James Phelps| One Shotsby LovelyRomanoff
Short one chapter imagines ●Occasional Smut ●First Person Point Of View ●James Phelps ●Fred Weasley
Phelps twins imagine!  by Georgeweasley_love
Phelps twins imagine! by He is not Fred_I’m
Hi! I just wanted to write this just for fun! I love George and Fred. Why not write a imagine about Oliver and James? What could go wrong? I hope you all enjoy this stor...
Phelps Twins One Shots by georgeismybae23
Phelps Twins One Shotsby Caro
for my horny mf Smut warning 16+!!!!
weasley twin one shots and imagines by caitlyn_dv
weasley twin one shots and imaginesby CaitlynPinder
These will be based off of them at hogwarts and after
Weasley Twins One-Shots by feetoffthetable_
Weasley Twins One-Shotsby ✨em✨
This is a collection of one-shots I have posted on my Tumblr (@feetoffthetable) All of these are written by me
George Weasley One Shots by georgeismybae23
George Weasley One Shotsby Caro
Some random one shots with George💗 Requests are always welcome!!
james and oliver phelps one shots by butterflyyprincesss
james and oliver phelps one shotsby butterfly princess
Hi, this is the non-smutty version of my one shots. Here I am going to include cute stories about the twins and everything that comes to my mind (sad, cute or not) other...
Harry Potter Cast/Behind the Scenes Photos by hjpluvr
Harry Potter Cast/Behind the hjpluvr
i have an abundance of HP cast/bts pics so I'm sharing them with you all
James&Oliver Imagines by Slut4FredWeaslebee
James&Oliver Imaginesby Slut4FredWeaslebee
Some fluffy and smutty one-shots of James& Oliver and the characters they play. :) Enjoy!
Imagines ( James and Oliver phelps ) by weasleysimp1010
Imagines ( James and Oliver weasleysimp1010
Short stories including James and Oliver phelps some of these stories have sensitive topics so for those I will put a tw some smutty occasionally not all the time but do...
James Phelps one-shots by corinisataco
James Phelps one-shotsby Corin
This is just a book full of James Phelps/characters one-shots. I'm fairly new to this so don't judge me please. This consists of fluffy stories. I may add Oliver and his...
Surprise Meeting -A James Phelps Fanfiction by sleepdeprivedunicorn
Surprise Meeting -A James Phelps Unicorns
Megan goes to a meet and greet to see James Phelps and with tons of other fans there, she will never have a chance to truly and personally meet her celebrity crush or at...
Pair shaped.  by SamanthaRoseHolland
Pair shaped. by Samantha-Rose
As the younger sibling of the phelps twins, Mia has one ambition in life, to follow in her brothers footsteps and become an actor, but when someone from her past shows u...
Fred and George one shots by BekyNRose
Fred and George one shotsby PhelpsAdore
Posting parts whenever I'm able If you have any requests let me know :) Y/N/N: Your nickname Y/N: Your name Y/L/N: Your last name Y/M/N: Your middle name