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What We Could Be ✔ by killerwolf49
What We Could Be ✔by °• yeet •°
She didn't know he was so sweet. He didn't know he cared so much. They had no idea that anything would happen between them. A steady peace has been laid out upon Hogwart...
Only Jamie... by notme16
Only Jamie...by lazypotati
-love is like a cliff. It can be dangerous if you fall too deep. -------- -------- Jamie Summers being the plain boring girl with amazing hot best friends an...
Sunflower by AllyBeth0
Sunflowerby Allybeth
What if the Dark Lord didn't give two shits Harry Potter? What if his end goal was to obtain ancient magic that he thought would be the key to bringing down the Wizardin...
Barely Justified (Young Justice Fic) by Far_kay
Barely Justified (Young Justice Fi...by Kay
****Young Justice Fiction**** The rising villain Cancer has sent his apprentice, Alex, to Gotham Academy without giving her a task however the Justice League is comple...
I Am Undeniably Whipped For You by layxloeyzz
I Am Undeniably Whipped For Youby ʟᴀʏ.ʟᴏᴇʏ
In which Kim Dokja is married and oblivious to his husband's love. It's just a time for Kim Dokja to stop suffering by himself and accept his fate. In which Yoo Jonghyuk...
Cottagecore OneShots🌻🧸🐌🌼 by CottagecoreAethetic
Cottagecore OneShots🌻🧸🐌🌼by A Friend To Talk Too <3
~One shot short stories of cottagecore dreamssss... ~Any request plsss tell me in either the request page on this storie or in the announcements section.. ~Have fun livi...
[Fyogol] Oh, I Still Get A Little Starstruck by vesqid
[Fyogol] Oh, I Still Get A Little...by ode kinner. tok liker
(Crossposted to ao3 and amino!) Fyodor and Nikolai end up on a date of sorts, and things go better than canon would suggest. [includes: nonverbal fyodor, neurodivergent...
Taekook is caught in a sudden rainstorm, the couple embraces the moment and dances in the rain, laughing and kissing as they twirl around wanting nothing more in the wor...
In the other life by Cupidssluver
In the other lifeby Cupiddlustt.222
The aftermath of "in another life" Not angst you get your happy ending
The chosen  path by Mysterious_cute_star
The chosen pathby Mysterious_cute_star
The woods are hiding the cliff so protectively. A voice always called me, to give the answers to my unknown question. But I never minded it. Because it is an abandoned...
The nerd hurts  by xxwritersgirlxx
The nerd hurts by xxwritersgirlxx
A girl who can final get out of her shell but meet her childhood hero on the way? Who could have guessed any of this could happen. *Late night sunset walks *Photograph...
Passion and Picnics (entry for Persia's Writing Contest)  by notentirelybonkers
Passion and Picnics (entry for Per...by Addie
This is the story that I am entering into Persia's Writing Contest! Cecilia has been best friends with Prince Daniel (Danny) for many years. Not only that, but she migh...
The Jeweltopia Chronicles-Alanna's story(editing) by princess_lissi_doll
The Jeweltopia Chronicles-Alanna's...by Lisa Yvonne Poulson
The drums of war have just been sent roaring!! Now whom is my Father's grand army fighting against???, Well no one is entirely sure, but to instill my SAFETY, my Father...
roses have thorns ;; ayalumi by yamazakuuraa
roses have thorns ;; ayalumiby may -
sweet little short story of my favourite lesbians
Peaceful River by xb11505
Peaceful Riverby xb11505
A 17 year old girl goes by the name River has a 15 year old best friend named Avalon.
°;* hanta seto *;°  by mistissleepy
°;* hanta seto *;° by mist &lt;3
hii! i hope your having an amazing day! this is a little hanta sero fan fic i thought of <3 by the way if you ever see a song name at the bottom of one of my storys i...
An empty void by ChocoFudg123
An empty voidby ChocoFudg123
Another short story for English. TW Mentions of blood and death (not much)
Polaroid by Cult_Baby
Polaroidby Ash
Kitty was down in the dumps, Ashley came to help her rise again. Ashley was hurting, Kitty came to heal her heart. (And yes, "picnics" is a genre)
Sunlit Flowers HACEY CHALLENGE by ZoomieZoomie324
Sunlit Flowers HACEY CHALLENGEby ZoomieZoomie324
This is a work for the Hacey Challenge and Server! Tracey Davis suspects something is fishy about Potter. Sure, he's handsome, but that doesn't make up for his sneakines...