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Cursed | Armando Salazar x OC by LisaMuller5
Cursed | Armando Salazar x OCby Lisa Muller
Cold. That's all Capitán Armando Salazar felt for twenty-five years. Cursed by the Devil's Triangle, he swore to have his revenge on the Sparrow one day, even if it mea...
Six Sparrow (Will Turner) by lenoresjam
Six Sparrow (Will Turner)by Joce
Six Sparrow is captain Jack Sparrows little sister, though she'll likely put a sword through your neck if you call her that. Despite her promise to herself that she'd ne...
Barbossa's Daughter by ACourtOfStories
Barbossa's Daughterby A Court of Stories
When Hector Barbossa learned he was to have a child, a daughter, everything in him screamed to give her up and give her away, for a pirate's life is not for young childr...
Jack sparrows addiction 🖤🔞 by SeverusSnapeCumS1ut
Jack sparrows addiction 🖤🔞by Johnny & Alans wife
Mature audience only ! "Don't tease me Jack" "but I love it when you beg for me maria" "cmon love, lift your legs up for me" Maria was rai...
Missing Sparrow by E_louise2006
Missing Sparrowby Esme Louise
Madeline Sparrow was found washed up on the beach of Port Royal one night by Elizabeth Swann. Ever since that day she has been raised by the Swann family. What will happ...
The Curse Of The Black Plearl by WeAreAnonymous7
The Curse Of The Black Plearlby Anonymous
Jack Sparrow x male oc They will be inappropriate scenes if you are younger than 16 you are reading at your own discretion and you have been warned
Narcissa Barbossa and the Curse of the Black Pearl by MissyQueenofEvil7
Narcissa Barbossa and the Curse of...by MissyQueenofEvil
Narcissa is the daughter of the fearsome pirate, Captain Hector Barbossa. However, Narcissa hasn't seen him since she was 8 years old after the death of her mother. She...
The bride of Captain Davy Jones by CordeliaMayJones
The bride of Captain Davy Jonesby TheDaughterOfCaptainDavyJones
a story about my oc the adopted sister of Jack Sparrow falls in love with the captain of the flying Dutchman. Davy Jones
Baby on board the black pearl by elaidarose
Baby on board the black pearlby I am me
A baby washes onto the black pearl one night. Jack discovers her importance and decides to keep her. However as normal for Jack, nothing goes to plan as he's marooned by...
Hadrian Jones And The Sorcerer's Stone by TheGravityMiles
Hadrian Jones And The Sorcerer's S...by YourLocalAnnoyingHellenic
Harry Potter was once apart of a happy family until Voldemort came and the Wizarding World hailed his brother, Charles as "The Chosen One" and he hadn't minded...
The Sun and The Moon (Jack Sparrow) by bella_parrilla
The Sun and The Moon (Jack Sparrow)by Bella
She was the Sun. He was the Moon. Together they balanced out each other. Catherine Bailey is the cousin of Elizabeth Swann and best friends to Will Turner. When a nig...
Oh Crap I'm in Pirates of the Caribbean! by LunaDragoneelS2
Oh Crap I'm in Pirates of the Cari...by LunaDragoneelS2
Jay Florian is a regular high school graduate. She loves Pirates of the Caribbean. So when she runs away to her secret cabin and starts watching the movies...How was she...
𝔸 ℙ𝕚𝕣𝕒𝕥𝕖𝕤 𝕃𝕚𝕗𝕖 𝔽𝕠𝕣 𝕄𝕖 by another-nerdy-being
𝔸 ℙ𝕚𝕣𝕒𝕥𝕖𝕤 𝕃𝕚𝕗𝕖 𝔽𝕠𝕣 �...by Salem Knight
This is the story of Celeste Jones. The daughter of Davy Jones who goes on some interesting adventures with a certain Captain Jack Sparrow. (Jack Sparrow x OC) #1 Jack S...
Young Love (Will Turner) by bella_parrilla
Young Love (Will Turner)by Bella
A Will Turner love story ~ A flower and a blacksmith were best friends. The young girl fell in love with the young boy. But he thinks he loves another and she is betroth...
Bittersweet | Cutler Beckett by NectarOfTheGods01
Bittersweet | Cutler Beckettby H
"What concerns did you want to discuss? Or are you just keeping me here to dress me in pretty gowns?" she spoke as she took a sip of the tea. It was bitter and...
Captain Jack X (Fem) Reader Imagines by DeppheadedDarling
Captain Jack X (Fem) Reader Imagin...by DeppheadedDarling
Strap on your sword and get ready for adventure and romance! You've been invited to come aboard the Black Pearl and live the pirates life alongside the most notorious an...
LOTR || ⤜𝙨𝙝𝙤𝙤𝙩 →  [Legolas x OC] by rxvenstark
LOTR || ⤜𝙨𝙝𝙤𝙤𝙩 → [Legolas x...by rxvenstark
"Once upon a time, a kingdom rejoiced in the news of a royal birth. The Queen had given birth to an heiress. Now, after years of hardship and war came the years of...
Raven by mildtogetherness
Ravenby mildtogetherness
Captain Irena Raven, the most notorious leader of the undead crew of the Black Pearl. A black-hearted, good-for-nothing, woman who leads the deadliest crew the Queen's N...
Song of the Sea: Sunsets and Black Sails by SpareOomOfRivendell
Song of the Sea: Sunsets and Black...by SpareOomOfRivendell
Aria Swann fell in love too soon. Before they even have a chance to be married, her young fiancee, a captain for the East India Trading Company, is killed by pirates. Or...
Cursed Love ~ harry hook x reader by Wish1ngstar
Cursed Love ~ harry hook x readerby Wishing star
Y/n Turner, daughter of Elizabeth and Will Turner. While on a mission to get Mal back from the isle she runs into harry hook, son of captain hook. The two have a bond or...