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Long Time No See (Ninjago post-Rebooted AU) by MasterofCupcakes
Long Time No See (Ninjago post-Reb...by Master of Cupcakes
Takes place after Rebooted. Due to a misunderstanding, Jay believes that Nya has chosen Cole and leaves the team. While the others are unsuccessfully trying to find him...
Ninjago- "An ending is really just a new beginning" by KDMXEDITS
Ninjago- "An ending is really just...by Khadee<3
Hi guys! This is my first time actually writing a book and publishing it! So this story takes place after crystalized. The ninja have still not yet found their powers, H...
Hidden Away || Ninjago AU by synchro_writer
Hidden Away || Ninjago AUby Fred-A-K-Dan
Lloyd is a high school student at Ninjago City High School. He is also the Green Ninja but no one knows that. The rest of his teammates don't either. Also being the son...
Defying Destiny by julieannagrace
Defying Destinyby julieannagrace
Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Harumi realized that she was just a pawn to Lord Garmadon during his reign on Ninjago City? Harumi, who just faced a n...
The Crazy Art Called Love by julieannagrace
The Crazy Art Called Loveby julieannagrace
The Ninja have been trying to get Lloyd a girlfriend for months now after they all got their partners and did not want him to feel left out. When the team said find some...
Ninjago Crystalized: Shattered  by DraGun327
Ninjago Crystalized: Shattered by ReNinjaing
A whole year has passed after Nya's sacrifice. Many of the Ninja had deserted from the team to do their own personal things, however that wouldn't last too long when the...
Rivals {Ninjago AU} by beep24
Rivals {Ninjago AU}by Lil' Bo Beep
Ridgewood Academy, a prestigious boy's school in Ninjago City, is renowned for its placement rates in Ivy-League institutions. Some call it closed-minded and accuse it o...
NINJAGO: Shadows of the Past by Inkmiyu
NINJAGO: Shadows of the Pastby Yunhee
Turns out, the Golden Mech wasn't the only thing locked in the Temple of Light for centuries. Upon entering the Island of Darkness, Kai, Cole, Jay, Zane, and Lloyd find...
The Dark Side by MultiFandomizedHuman
The Dark Sideby 𝕊𝕥𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕒𝕖
So in this is a mix between the movie and series universe. Lloyd felt everything was perfect ... He had great" friends". Alas it was all fake . No-one cared no...
Heroes in the Shadows by Nomie132
Heroes in the Shadowsby °•☆Naomi☆•°
(A Ninjago High School Story) (WARNING: Rated PG13 for some darker scenes and subject matter.) [Written: 2019 - 2022] With Ninjago City being terrorized by a group of el...
Ninjago Texting by Ominus_Potato
Ninjago Textingby Ominous_potato
Ships, story's, group chats, and one or two truth or dares. I will write a seperate story for truth or dare. This will be one of those story's that has tones of parts an...
Truth or Dare - Ninjago  by Ninjago_ShipperGirl
Truth or Dare - Ninjago by Ninjago Fangirl
So the title pretty much says it all!!! You can ask the Ninja a question (which would be the truth) or you can tell them to do something (which would be the dare)!!! So...
Ninjago, A New Generation by Yadi-Ninjago
Ninjago, A New Generationby Yadi-Ninjago
The Ninja we know and love leave the monastery to their kids. And now we follow their journeys on learning how to fill in their parents shoes as they are Ninjagos last h...
When Love Strikes by LegoNinjagofan1
When Love Strikesby LegoNinjagofan1
Just saying that I do not own Lego Ninjago Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole, and Lloyd have all found there true love. Kai is with Skylor, Jay is with Nya, Zane is with Pixal, Cole...
Enmity | Ninjago AU by The_lightning_ninja
Enmity | Ninjago AUby ⚡️
"I hate them so much! Don't they realize they're going to unleash an evil psychopath onto all of Ninjago?" "I'm not sure, but we need to stop them at all...
A Prince and Spy (Ninjago Lava) by miloknight0k
A Prince and Spy (Ninjago Lava)by Kai Vis
When Kai, the Prince of fire, is told he must marry Skylor, the Princess of amber, he runs away. He meets Aaron who helps him get to the Lightning Kingdom. Cole is an u...
Ninjago: Ninja Life by RockinNinjaJay
Ninjago: Ninja Lifeby RockinNinjaJay
Join our six favourite Ninja as they go throughout their lives as Ninja and High School students, they must face down Lord Garmadon who is their green leaders father! Wh...
Quarantined (ninjago edition) by chocoqueen29
Quarantined (ninjago edition)by 🍁☕🍁
Have you ever wondered how the ninja would be doing in Quarintine? Well you came to the right book! For starters there will be no bad words... Kai in the background: W...
Ten Friends: Ninjago High [Complete] by Dissmisery
Ten Friends: Ninjago High [Complet...by Dissy
[WRITTEN IN 2018] Nya Smith is moving away from her parents' house to live with her brother. They finally accepted her in Ninago High, a huge private school in the midd...
Cuz I Found My Place! | Ninjago AU | Ninjago Fanfic by Crystallemonnn
Cuz I Found My Place! | Ninjago AU...by Lemonade
Who would've thought, that the famed ninja would be a bunch of teenagers living their school life? Yeah..in this case, none of the ninja would have thought so too. Becau...