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Long Time No See (Ninjago post-Rebooted AU) by MasterofCupcakes
Long Time No See (Ninjago Master of Cupcakes
Takes place after Rebooted. Due to a misunderstanding, Jay believes that Nya has chosen Cole and leaves the team. While the others are unsuccessfully trying to find him...
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3. Dark Sides: Tournament of Elements by RebelFanja
3. Dark Sides: Tournament of RebelFanja
It's the Tournament of Elements! The evil Master Wu has returned to team up with Master Chen in an effort to defeat Sensei Garmadon and his team of ninja. It's girls aga...
Escapade | Ninjago AU by The_lightning_ninja
Escapade | Ninjago AUby ⚡️
Hundreds of years ago, the elemental masters of creation were driven from the main kingdom of Ninjago and became fugitives. Now, they might be the key to saving Ninjago...
Hidden Away || Ninjago AU by synchro_writer
Hidden Away || Ninjago AUby Fred-A-K-Dan
Lloyd is a high school student at Ninjago City High School. He is also the Green Ninja but no one knows that. The rest of his teammates don't either. Also being the son...
Enmity | Ninjago AU by The_lightning_ninja
Enmity | Ninjago AUby ⚡️
"I hate them so much! Don't they realize they're going to unleash an evil psychopath onto all of Ninjago?" "I'm not sure, but we need to stop them at all...
4. Dark Sides: Rise of the Anacondrai by RebelFanja
4. Dark Sides: Rise of the RebelFanja
Master Chen is on the loose, and the two teams of ninja have formed a tentative alliance in order to hunt him down. With the help of the other Elemental Masters, they ju...
2. Dark Sides: The Golden Weapons by RebelFanja
2. Dark Sides: The Golden Weaponsby RebelFanja
Corrupted by the Devourer's venom, Wu has been scouring all of Ninjago for the golden Weapons of Spinjitzu. Through his students, the masters of the four elements, he wi...
When Love Strikes by LegoNinjagofan1
When Love Strikesby LegoNinjagofan1
Just saying that I do not own Lego Ninjago Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole, and Lloyd have all found there true love. Kai is with Skylor, Jay is with Nya, Zane is with Pixal, Cole...
Lightning Mystery  by lightninggirl15
Lightning Mystery by lightninggirl15
When Jay finds a letter that was written by his birth mom to him, telling him she hid something for him to find, he sets off on a mission to find what she hid for him. W...
Broken 💔 Heroes by Nomie132
Broken 💔 Heroesby °•☆Naomi☆•°
(A Ninjago AU) [Written: 2021 - ] "Our parents leave behind their legacies, not their destinies... We find our own paths." (Skylor S7: E7) What if one mother f...
between these walls | ninjago au by alirxi
between these walls | ninjago auby predebut han
"A lot goes on between these walls." "This isn't some ordinary boarding school." "People call us freaks. We think it's cool though." "...
Ninjago: HIGH SCHOOL by WaterMelonLover29
What happens when you throw all the Ninja, plus a few extra famillier faces, some unknown, mysterious elemental powers, romance, comedy and a butt load of homework into...
Rivals {Ninjago AU} by beep24
Rivals {Ninjago AU}by Lil' Bo Beep
Ridgewood Academy, a prestigious boy's school in Ninjago City, is renowned for its placement rates in Ivy-League institutions. Some call it closed-minded and accuse it o...
Elemental Roommates (Hiatus) by Nomie132
Elemental Roommates (Hiatus)by °•☆Naomi☆•°
(Hiatus until I finish my other fanfics) [Written: 2020 - ] They're loud, annoying, emotionally tired college students just trying to find their place in the world. The...
Unanimity | Ninjago AU by The_lightning_ninja
Unanimity | Ninjago AUby ⚡️
"I don't think this is going to work." "It has to. If not, all of Ninjago is screwed." - sequel to Enmity
High School of Doom by LegoNinjagofan1
High School of Doomby LegoNinjagofan1
An AU that the ninja's went to high school. They didn't know they had elemental powers, and the prophecy of the Green Ninja slipped out to all of Ninjago. Elemental mast...
Unscripted | Ninjago AU by The_lightning_ninja
Unscripted | Ninjago AUby ⚡️
Ninjago is the most popular show worldwide, the actors and actresses rising to fame to the degree that they're world renowned. It's all fun and games until a mysterious...
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Ninja Family by DisneyQueen0625
Ninja Familyby DisneyQueen0625
Jay and Nya have a surprise for everyone that will change everyone's lives! Lloyd has a secret! The ninja start thinking about their future. What will happen when tha...
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The Final Battle  // Book 2 of Ninjago High School by WaterMelonLover29
The Final Battle // Book 2 of DOLPHIN
Book Two, following on from Ninjago High School. So the Ninja have there elemental powers, the over lord is revealed, a dance is held and a battle is for told. Who will...
Heroes in the Shadows by Nomie132
Heroes in the Shadowsby °•☆Naomi☆•°
(A Ninjago High School Story) (WARNING: Rated PG13 for some darker scenes and subject matter.) [Written: 2019 - 2022] With Ninjago City being terrorized by a group of el...