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The Long Lost Mafia Princess by Alicia265145
The Long Lost Mafia Princessby weirdo
Valentina Williams that is the girls name of this story, or at least she thought it was. Turns out that her whole life is a lie. Her real name was Valentina Hernandez. ...
Charli and dixies sister  by gracewilkinson674
Charli and dixies sister by gracewilkinson674
This story is about Dixie and Charli younger sister who faces different challenges that come with her sisters fame ⚠️rape ⚠️bullying ⚠️abuse ⚠️anxiety attacks ⚠️self...
The Teacher's Jailbait (ManXBoy) ✔ by Kitten_Xavier
The Teacher's Jailbait (ManXBoy) ✔by Kitten_Xavier
"Are you sure?" William asks, running his hands up and down my arms, warmth spreading to my skinny body, his eyes moving from my eyes to my lips, switching bet...
Honeydew || dnf by Glittercat34
Honeydew || dnfby 🌈river🌈
Major TW: eating disorder/anorexia nervosa, severe body issues George struggles a lot with his self image. After being in a toxic relationship, he's left with horrible a...
Becoming Undone [1/2] [✔] by nkgreysanatomy
Becoming Undone [1/2] [✔]by N
Meredith Grey has been living with a secret but as more people are finding out about it, she's finding it difficult to not spiral out of control. -- Please be careful w...
the suffering of harry potter by CloudyAnxiousEnby
the suffering of harry potterby clouds orion
what did harry potter, 'the boy who lived', 'oh chosen one', truly go through? what happened behind closed doors at 4 privet drive? harry potter just wanted to be norma...
Perfect Lie - Yoonmin by PixelTae
Perfect Lie - Yoonminby PixelTae
'Can you please allow yourself to eat? Not just for me, but for yourself... because... because you are perfect.' Jimin knows his eating patterns are troublesome, but wh...
She's Mine by Reneeb208
She's Mineby Reneeb208
A girl in need of an adrenaline rush, and a overprotective best friend 😉 ... After a while we end up laying on each other just staring into the darkness of the room, li...
Loosing myself again - Y/n and dsmp by RatDoesWriting
Loosing myself again - Y/n and dsmpby Lavender <3
Tw!! Sh Ed Anxiety Panic attacks Su*c*d3 attempts Su*c*d@l thoughts Y/N thinks the trip will be easy but learns her friends aren't as clueless as her mum.....
Vampire eddie munson x Fem reader by jinxsmonkeybombs
Vampire eddie munson x Fem readerby jinx’s guns
after the demo bats incident Y/n Wheeler and Dustin Henderson go back and return home from the upside down, a few months later you ask dustin an important question which...
Help me -dreamnap- by yourlocalgaymf_
Help me -dreamnap-by Finn
Sapnap is being abused by his dad, he has completely given up on life. Meanwhile he has feelings for his friend dream but he's sure that dream likes George. Will his fri...
MY FOREVER by mavxo1234
• Mia Taylor • A 5'0 girl with brunette wavy hair up to her shoulders, beautiful blue eyes which you could get lost in forever, and the shyest personality of them all. S...
sisterinnit  by Ariali_LIVE
sisterinnit by Miles 👍
Cover found on pinterest. ANGST. Tara is Tommyinnit's younger sister. Tommy is older than her my 4 years, making her 13. - Although everyone would think Tara has an amaz...
his girl by urcomfortestplace
his girlby urcomfortestplace
The popular fuckboy of the school, Isaac, has to get tutoring from the inexperienced, smartest and pretty much the most boring girl in the school. TW: eating disorders...
Diet Diary ~ 2022 by shaneandryansbridge
Diet Diary ~ 2022by Alexa <3
read along my journey to lose weight and see how my crazy mind works.
I don't want to feel better  by Aannzzy
I don't want to feel better by Aannzzy
Gonna be mostly a vent in the form of a dsmp fanfiction probably gonna be about Tommy. There will be 0 shipping towards Tommy or any other minors and it will not be tole...
 deadly sun, edward cullen. by hinaspia
deadly sun, edward cullen.by cendre ✧༺
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀01. she felt herself fall, fall, fall, into it's lovely embrace, night holding her hand. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀02. in which tomi dwyer, the girl allergic to the sun, finds...
A Clever Fascination (The Riddler) by 123Bexa321
A Clever Fascination (The Riddler)by Bex🐙
Katherine 'Kit' Valentine is a wickedly intelligent rising detective with the GCPD, the favourite of Commissioner Jim Gordon. Now, she just had to hope that it didn't ea...
Saved. by soupskittles
Saved.by piperr🪦
TW: Eating Disorders! Meredith isn't eating again. Addison is back trying to win Derek over but she notices the blonde. Starts off as MerAdd but ends up Merzona
healing by spdrose
healingby D
After 4 years of Cordelia trying to find the right treatment as y/n's disorder grew worse, she brings her to Dr. Ellie Staple's group home for women with mental illnesse...