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broken beyond repair by passion1208
broken beyond repairby Mia
Emma Lopez, looks like a typical 16-year-old girl. Except, her problems aren't the typical 16-year-olds problems. She has had to worry about her abusive foster father...
~My Family Secret~  by bbylaela03
~My Family Secret~ by bbylaela03
"be careful with your words they can only be forgiven not forgotten" ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Amber-lyn Moratti...
^Their Little Principessa^ by _babyqueen19_
^Their Little Principessa^by BabyQueen
When Isabella was 4, she was kidnapped by her mother or so she was told. Katherine and her husband abused Ella all throughout her childhood whenever they came home. They...
SOFIA by booksbyami
SOFIAby ami diaz
Sofia Bianchi. The soul. The daughter. The heart of her family.
Life with 6 brothers *ON HOLD* by flicker_shawn
Life with 6 brothers *ON HOLD*by Lauren
Alexis Davis is 14 years old and struggles with ADHD and Anxiety. She also lives with her eldest brother Bryce Davis along with 5 of her other brothers Including her twi...
Shu Sakamaki X Reader  by darkdoll_01
Shu Sakamaki X Reader by ...
When (y/n) ( l/n) was sent to the Sakamaki household for the summer, She met 6 brothers. They were all acting weird except a blond haired brother. He just minded his ow...
Laito X Reader  by darkdoll_01
Laito X Reader by ...
When ( y/n) ( l/n) was taken to live with the sakamaki brothers a certain brother start to fall for her. In his own broken way. Is it just Lust or is he really in love...
The Kingston Family by Lost1nthought_
The Kingston Familyby Lost1nthought_
The Kingston Brothers. Richness, Power, Looks. They had it all except HAPPINESS. All of them were broken inside, ever since that dreadful night where their only happines...
This is Us. by anniewritesx
This is Us.by Annie
The Weasleys have always been a chaotic, yet charming family. Here is a story which tells us about the siblings' love. About how the Weasley men could often be so tactle...
All Just A Facade by rose_gold_writes
All Just A Facadeby fxthi_az
Arabella Accardi hid it well, behind the mask of happiness. Nobody knew about her inner demons, nobody questions her happy-go-lucky smiles.What they didn't know was this...
Welcome Little One! by larry_is_real_cordy
Welcome Little One!by Cordy_tubatuba
Hi, my name is Emma Stone. I have 6 older brothers who are super over protective of me and ALL play high school and collage football. So is my dad, I'm a daddy's girl. M...
A Whole New Page by newmoon_light
A Whole New Pageby Moonlight
Cecilia Elena Bella Hope Garcia, a 17 old pretty stubborn girl with 6 super protective and possesive older Brothers. But what happens when their Father decide to remarry...
Brothers beast friend (on hold) by whydontweismyboo
Brothers beast friend (on hold)by Leslie
The only girl of 6 isn't the dream a teenage girl would ask for,Especially 3 overprotective brothers.But when Bailey falls for her twins best friend what happens?Will he...
My over protective brother by goldenlily2105
My over protective brotherby shelby pooler
Cassie is the youngest 7 and the only girl her mother is died and her dads a very busy lawyer follow Cassie on her journey through life as a teen with 6 overprotective...
You are never alone (shu and ayato a love story) by I_need_you_Bangtan
You are never alone (shu and ayato...by DEKU
There once lived a girl with red hair and red eyes no one knows she a vimpire or maybe she'll tell them.let not also Forget this is her love story who will she pick the...
LOST PRINCESS by exofanfun
LOST PRINCESSby kesha casandra lois villegas
One princess Six stricted brothers
Unexpected much by potterheadzombie
Unexpected muchby potterheadzombie
Alexa was a girl very different from others. She was sarcastic, crazy ,sweet and talented. It'd have been hard to find something she couldn't do . She could paint ,dance...