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Crazy,Awkward,Sweet by RE_BellBooks
Crazy,Awkward,Sweetby R.E Bell
"I missed having a little cas in my life." He smirked, letting his eyes show a little life. It was a sight to see and no words could do it justice. "What...
Softie by billie_is_dxddy
Softieby billie_is_dxddy
Billie Eilish is the shy/nerd of the school. She got bullied by most kids for being 'weird'. She didn't have any friends, but Drew and Zoe. She was feeling miserable at...
New Kid by izzymacaroni
New Kidby izzy
~~~ What would you do if your mom came up to you one day and said; "We're moving from Brighton to Florida!" Would you fall in love with the popular blonde at y...
The Nerdy Twin ✔️  by LyssahTraicey
The Nerdy Twin ✔️ by Lyssah Traicey
All Willow ever wanted was to be happy, take care of her younger brother Charlie and escape the claws of her chaotic mother. Moving to a new town after her mom's fourth...
constant devotion  by readwithkk
constant devotion by readwithkk
When Arabella Parker goes back to school for junior year she starts trying to get back into old self become a typical American teenager...parties, gossip, boys and fun b...
The Accused Facade | Solby ✔︎ by Colbaefan
The Accused Facade | Solby ✔︎by 𝐂 𝐎 𝐋 𝐁 𝐘
Colby Brock is the school's typical bad boy. Beating people up, slamming them into lockers, talking back to teachers, etc. But that's not all true. Colby is accused of...
IT x reader  by someone1owo
IT x reader by Banana
It x reader so ill be doing casts x reader and charaters x reader soo ya enjoy
LOOK AT ME (Muslim Story) by creamaan
LOOK AT ME (Muslim Story)by Emaan
Emerald Green was a big mouth. While her haters would physically harm her, she would destroy them with her words which were equivalent to a cut on the skin. For three ye...
Just One Person.. by H0SP1T4LF00D
Just One Devan W.
A 14 Year old boy, Axel, has to move to a new town due to his father's job relocating his family. He gets enrolled in a new school about half way through the year. He ho...
When Souls Fall in Love by cynthiasalazarm
When Souls Fall in Loveby ❤️THIA❤️
WARNING: My story contains mature and sensitive content. Please read at your own risk. *** Previously "Saving The Girl Who Thought She Was Broken" *** Stephani...
The Jock or the Nerd? by Ale321321
The Jock or the Nerd?by IwasMyself
A new boy, in a new town. He is 16 but already a senior, he has a big messy family. what bad could happen in a new school? he might find someone who likes him and the o...
Bad Girls Special Little Friend by TheShowWillGoOn
Bad Girls Special Little Friendby Luna
*Going through a slow rewrite* It was supposed to be a brand new start for August Anderson. Though being the new kid isn't that easy, especially in Harwool High-school...
Avoiding Cliches by VaporWhore
Avoiding Clichesby VaporWhore
Cliché /klēˈSHā/ a very predictable or unoriginal thing or person. Cliches. They're everywhere. Hated by everyone. But no one hates them more than Pandora Joyner. She gr...
Na Jaemin is the New kid who just transferred to SM University and who knew his love life would start there. STATUS: //COMPLETE//
Perfect Chemistry: A Dylan O'Brien fanfic  by Carolyn8P
Perfect Chemistry: A Dylan O' CXJ
Main Author: SOB @SushiSOB Authors/ Editors: J, LYX COMPLETE Dylan O'Brien Fanfic Summary: "Perfect Chemistry" is a self insert Dylan O'Brien fan fiction bas...
His Deaf Mate by SloaneReed
His Deaf Mateby Sloane Reed
Emily Blackwell is deaf. She's lived with it all of her life, and she wouldn't change a thing. But when Emily goes to a new school in her new pack, how will she react to...
NEW KID ❤︎ DORBYN by -sunsetdrives
DORBYN COMPLETED daniel was the new kid. he had just recently moved to san francisco from portland oregon. two boys in his grade immediately befriended him and took him...
My Firefighter by Qwertytype80
My Firefighterby Clair Brooks
The force of being pushed against the bookshelf made me gasp. His body weight pressed me into the books, while his arms pinned me in. His face an inch away from mine...
Soft boy by Ihrtvinniehacker
Soft boyby Willow <3
Jacob is the new kid,he has no friends and you get paired up as Science partners.but you dont really have friends either,you dont know why.its not like people think you'...
The 'bad boy' type || OHSHC bxb  by -Galra-
The 'bad boy' type || OHSHC bxb by -Galra-
Sora Hattori is the new scholar student at Ouran, who doesn't seem like the kindest person at first glance but the host club is determined to break his cold exterior and...