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Queen Material ( Ace of Queens #1) by marcyswales17
Queen Material ( Ace of Queens #1)by Marcy Swales Khabir
***Not edited***** Find the complete book on Amazon!!! "My heart is in your hands...do with it as you please." Rye Alden counted herself lucky for not inheri...
The Breeders by AnnaRosetti_
The Breedersby Anna Rose
Our kind has lost power over the years under the control of humans. The power so strong that it is impossible to fight back or escape making all our hope vanish. Soon I...
The Glorious Flame (#2) by GianaTPQ
The Glorious Flame (#2)by Giana K. L.
A murderous, psychopathic pixie with a gun meets a equally attractive, maddening prince who also has a gun. The real twist? A mysterious disease threatens to...
Burning Moon by hopelessromwriter
Burning Moonby ☀︎︎☽
"𝐖𝐡𝐲 𝐜𝐚𝐧'𝐭 𝐈 𝐛𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐠𝐢𝐫𝐥?" »Winx Club x Oc 『Season 1 - Season ?』
Crown of Beauty and Vengeance by writeon27
Crown of Beauty and Vengeanceby Ansley
(Book 2 in the fantasy series The Crowns) The land of Escarral has changed in the past year for Alyvia with her mother now sitting on the throne. Lyv's mission in infil...
Hunted (The Enforcers Saga, #1) by TeaNHeartache
Hunted (The Enforcers Saga, #1)by Ashley Michelle
"I want justice but I'll take revenge." ~~~ As a young girl, Elaine Roth watched as her family was slaughtered without remorse. The Alpha's that should hav...
Warlock by Taborix
Warlockby ¿Someone?
An ancient warlock struggles to find motivation in the modern world, where the Other society of fantastical creatures faces war among themselves and against human societ...
Ben Hardy Imagines by molliannaowens
Ben Hardy Imaginesby Molli Owens
So this is an imagine book, for all the people who has a big obsession of Ben Hardy, well you're in look because, I'm you're girl, you may know me from "Love of my...
Daughter of Tide and Illusion by writeon27
Daughter of Tide and Illusionby Ansley
(Book 3 in the fantasy series The Crowns) Separated by two different continents, Lyv and Jai are still trying to cope with their loss and come to terms with the truths t...
I am your Alpha by ImpossiblyImperfect
I am your Alphaby Hannah
Hannah isn't completly normal, she's a werewolf. The betas daughter, the good natured, fun girl that everyone loves. She has been raised by everyone in the pack since he...
Pixie Peabody by juliettacalm
Pixie Peabodyby Julietta Calm
When Penny Peabody kicks her mourning daughter out and drops her off at a brothel. Arabella 'Pixie' Peabody decides to go live with her Mother's childhood friend, Alice...
Elfaeria by Fafido
Elfaeriaby farirai manonose
Friendships, relationships, and unnecessary interactions between Golden Fairies and Elves are forbidden. So when the Queen of Aureus and a moon elf from Elverira develop...
the wolf and the pixie by dream0or0nightmare
the wolf and the pixieby Crazydream
what happens when a southern hick moves to a new state in the rainiest town ever A/OC twilight belongs to SM i only own my characters and my changes to the story
Souls : Finding Love by resscruez
Souls : Finding Loveby Ress Cruez
Ivanov Williams had rightfully died after saving a good little dog that had belonged to him but the irony was that just the day before that the dog had been kicked out o...
Pixie dust by Zarkatrab
Pixie dustby katlyn
Farren just want's to make life better but something gets in her way
Winx Club  by Alyssa_Angel_Peters
Winx Club by Alyssa_Angel_Peters
If you desire You can become One of our bunch Winx, if your hand is warm in mine It will give us greater power With a feeling we'll be sure-fire winners Winx, with a smi...
Gemstone Academy by marisalynn394
Gemstone Academyby Marisa ✌️️
My eyes finally adjusted and I got a good look at the guy. Holy shit, he was HOT. He rivaled Lazarus, and that's saying a lot. He might even be more attractive than El...
To Kill a Fae - A Fantasy Romance by jawaters
To Kill a Fae - A Fantasy Romanceby Jamie Waters
Sabine has spent the past decade hiding from the Wild Hunt. But when a charismatic stranger recruits her to retrieve an invaluable artifact, she'll have to finally revea...
Eternal Night by HeatherWampler
Eternal Nightby Heather Wampler
Cassidy Perry isn't your normal detective. Cassidy is a 400-year-old vampire hybrid living in a world where ghouls and monsters are accepted in society. Now there is a...
I Love You, Jacob by CapriceMone
I Love You, Jacobby CapriceMone
What if Edward came back and Bella was already in love with Jacob? Love,lust,drama,vampires,werewolves. It's all here, a spin off of Twilight.