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The World Of Writing by Itz_Iris_Playz
The World Of Writingby Iris
Hello, This is just a book of a few short stories which I have written. Some of them are sad and some are happy. Yeah and there are some mature scenes such as suicide. D...
Met from space by DreamyPlayzYT
Met from spaceby Dreamy Playz
This story is about a girl and boy named Sun and Lucas. This is a romance drama story. Find out how a girl from space and a boy from earth fall in love.
Elemental Witch by Itz_Iris_Playz
Elemental Witchby Iris
"T-The E-Elemental M-Mark?" Princess Camila Of Rosalia knows that she's no ordinary girl. She's a witch...But not any witch, she's an Elemental Witch. And that...
Sucide (X Reader) by Jade_rei
Sucide (X Reader)by Jade_puppet
Hoi here's my book of sucide. Your in high school your an outcast your different from everybody else.You don't fit into the social circle.Then you couldn't take it anymo...
I love you michealplayzroblox84 .... by michealplayzroblox84
I love you michealplayzroblox84
One day u ACCIDENTLY bump into michealplayzroblox84...
Yandere Bestfriend Cast x Reader by Nacy_Playz
Yandere Bestfriend Cast x Readerby Nacy_Playz
Yep. You might know it. If not, then here's the link for the story: Eh, I dunno what to write...
Cover Shoppe! by IzellaPlayz
Cover Shoppe!by Keeper of the Galaxy
The shop is open! Payements are in the chapter!
the protectors by IoanaDumitru224
the protectorsby Ioana Dumitru
This story is about three girls who were teleported to the Danda. Danda is the queen of the element. They go through many adventures and they fight Death's monsters and...
YouTube High by AshleySparklez104
YouTube Highby AshleySparklez104
Ashley started YouTube about 3 years ago. With 5,990 sucribers she left Washington to go attend YouTube High. On her journey she meets many youtubers who became friends...
josh and playz 2 ✔️ by joshplayz123
josh and playz 2 ✔️by Raptor the rock
dont read if u cry easily
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Minecraft: Reach to the end! [Discontinued]  by jpo_writer
Minecraft: Reach to the end! [ J
About the Aventure of Steve with danger In its way to the End! And meets Alex and a white eye figure what aventure awaits will the white figure will attack Steve and Ale...
Deck Of Heroes by Itz_Iris_Playz
Deck Of Heroesby Iris
The streets of London is protected by 4 girls who are against Joker, the supervillain. They each have different powers and use those for the good of everyone. They are n...
josh and playz 3 by joshplayz123
josh and playz 3by Raptor the rock
Threequel :) Three horsemen of the apocalypse Wtf this got a threequel
josh and playz ✔️ by joshplayz123
josh and playz ✔️by Raptor the rock
this will make u cry a waterfall