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Back to 1986 with the mall by nyxiily
Back to 1986 with the mallby •_•
Jiang Hui's short life was full of ups and downs. She finally became a billionaire, but when saving others, she put her own life on the line. When she opened her eyes...
World's No. 1 Resort by Kazuyuuki95
World's No. 1 Resortby 🌈MtLTranslation👬
Author name: panther Type of work: Tanmei novel List of chapter: 183 Chap (Finished) Work status: Completed The small boss Tang Huai inherited an island and was accide...
重生之豁然 [BL] ✓ by xChubby
重生之豁然 [BL] ✓by Chubby
OFFLINE READING PURPOSES ONLY DISCLAIMER I DO NOT OWN THIS NOVEL. Any part or translation belongs to the rightful owner. *If you want this story removed, DM me. Do not...
Transmigration Of An Assassin by bixbix767
Transmigration Of An Assassinby XxMeixiangxX
Since he was a young child, Tang Shui has been dutiful and has felt gratified by his parents' efforts to support his education. As a result, he kept his sexual orientati...
World's Most Wanted: Start a Five-Star Prison Break  by Qwinesty
World's Most Wanted: Start a Five...by Anyanwu Chioma Esther Happine...
Top ten consortium investment, hundreds of billions of dollars in rewards, elites from all walks of life to participate! City parkour, skydiving, wingsuit flying. Everyt...
Transmigration With QQ Farm {Part 2} by RosyMizuki
Transmigration With QQ Farm {Part...by RosyMizuki
{Chapter 133 - Chapter 331} Credits To The Author(s): Die Lian Huahua Lian Rui aka 蝶戀花花戀蕊 Credits To The Translator(s): Credits to the translator: fringeoctopus aka frin...
Shenhao Sign-in System: Starting From 9 Yuan and 9 Seconds Kill by Qwinesty
Shenhao Sign-in System: Starting F...by Anyanwu Chioma Esther Happine...
Jiangdong has encountered the death of close relatives, family property swallowed, lovers betrayed, prison disaster, awakening in critical moments and signing in the spi...
From the variety show began to become popular all over the world (MTL) BOOK 1 by stupidbunbun
From the variety show began to bec...by PICKME
Chen Pingan accidentally crossed the parallel world and became a down-and-out singer. Fortunately, he won the global superstar system, and sang a few songs in a love re...
Stepmother: I Am Asked To Give A Kidney To My Half-Brother by Qwinesty
Stepmother: I Am Asked To Give A K...by Anyanwu Chioma Esther Happine...
When Lu Ming's biological father and stepmother came looking for him, he didn't feel happy or excited. A long time ago, Lu Ming's father, Lu Yaohua, abandoned his wife a...
I Am In College And Start To Become A Daddy by Qwinesty
I Am In College And Start To Becom...by Anyanwu Chioma Esther Happine...
A year ago, Lin Xuan met a woman and had a relationship with her. A year later, when Lin Xuan met her again, she did not expect that she would have two children, and the...
[Part 1] Back To The Sixties: Farm, Get Wealthy & Raise The Cubs by seravnsmk
[Part 1] Back To The Sixties: Farm...by Sera
Lin Qing He transmigrated into a novel and became one of its cannon fodders. The novel's background is non-viable 1960s, a time of want to eat but nothing to eat and wan...
I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating by TransientWhims
I Become A Burdensome Child After...by TransientWhims
[BOOK 1] Su Jiu died on the day of her eighteenth birthday, and she turned into a four-year-old cute baby in a sadomasochistic novel. The Su Jiu in the novel would becom...
The System Forces Me To Show Off My Wealth [Book One]  by Kazuyuuki95
The System Forces Me To Show Off M...by 🌈MtLTranslation👬
Author: Ting Bing/停冰 Category: Danmei Fiction Status: 348 Chapter(Ongoing) Introduction Qiushui is bound to the system of showing off wealth. Other people's system: Ask...
Doomsday Boss Dressed as A Cannon Fodder Educated Youth by jeffelyncosme
Doomsday Boss Dressed as A Cannon...by jeffelynC
Author: Long Jiuyue Classification: Rebirth Raw Sites: http://www.niuniuxs.com/176/176903/ https://m.zhuishuku.com/book/24852/ ...
Dad: I Was In College and Was Blocked By the School Flower Goddess by Qwinesty
Dad: I Was In College and Was Bloc...by Anyanwu Chioma Esther Happine...
[Single female protagonist + milk dad + dog food sweet text] Qin Lang was dumped, and Su Shihan, a rare student in a century-old school, came to the classroom to look fo...
Koi Adopted Daughter  by LILYsunlight
Koi Adopted Daughter by You're my Sunshine
FOR OFFLINE PURPOSES ONLY I'M NOT THE OWNER MTL Introduction Lao Bai's family is too famous in the village. One is that they are too capable of giving birth to sons, an...
I Sign-in For A Hundred Million Dolla Mansion From The Start by AdeshinaAdedoyin
I Sign-in For A Hundred Million Do...by Diamonds
Lin Fan got the sign-in system, and has since embarked on the life of a billionaire. He is proficient in cooking, a master of medicine and fairy, a generation of singers...
The Rich Second Generation Is Forced to Start All Over  by Kazuyuuki95
The Rich Second Generation Is Forc...by 🌈MtLTranslation👬
Author: Yufeng/寓风 Category: Tanmei fiction List of chapter: 329 chapter Status: Complete Book 1 Lu Xu is a scumbag rich second generation with parents and lack of love...
(MTL)Bringing Good Luck to your Husband in the '70s by Intovertturtle
(MTL)Bringing Good Luck to your Hu...by Nynyl
*MACHINE TRANSLATED* Details Short Title : BGLTYH Alternate Title: 七零旺夫生活 Status [Edit] : Completed Author : 月半要分家 Novel Summary Su Yue's lifelong hobby and career was t...
Mr. CEO's Pregnant Ex-Wife by ruffatorres06
Mr. CEO's Pregnant Ex-Wifeby Ruffa Torres
Ace Carter Greyson, her husband of five long years demanded divorce on the night of their fifth wedding anniversary. Reason? Simply because she can't bear a son. Phoeni...